By Pacific Lava

IELTS Words Spelling Practice

To prepare IELTS test, you have to build a very strong vocabulary, especially for IELTS academic test takers. As a matter of fact, most of words are for reading test, you just need to know them or understand them. A small set of them may play a different role in IELTS exam, you have to use them either in speaking or in writing. In writing test, you will use right words to express your idea correctly and exactly. If you are applying good or top schools, you may have to use a few difficult or uncommon words intentionally. First of first, you must spell these words right and fast in test. Because IELTS test takers are usually non-native English speakers, the spelling is weakness in nature. And today's students used to do homework on computer, on which spelling-check is a common feature in many software apps. So if you don't prepare a set of words for writing test and practice their spelling, you are hardly successful in IELTS writing test, because there is no any auto spelling check/correct tool available in your writing test.

Considered that students have separate vocabulary levels and aim different goals, we provides spelling online exercise for each word of all IELTS lists in this web site. The software is very smart and corrects your errors just after each stroke. Try any word, you can learn how it works in a few minutes. The online spelling practice are actually available for all IELTS lists, but we suggest you start from words that are for writing test, it should be a relatively small vocabulary. Then you can move to higher level or larger size vocabularies to enhance spelling ability.

As you guess, we recommend the 100 IELTS Writing Words as first list to start spelling practice.This list is very short and selected for writing test. It is an easy start point to improve your IELTS writing vocabulary.
However, 100 words aren't enough to get a high mark in writing test. An essential list is 500 IELTS Vocabulary to exercise writing words. This middle size list has more hint elements, such as pronounce, synonym, and example sentence. So it's a good candidate for spelling practice.

If you are ESL students, this list will bring you extra merit: it may show definition in your home language at hint card. Basically, this list includes definitions of 20 languages. If your home language is in the 20 languages, you can append it as part of explanation, and present at hint card. We know many IELTS test takers used to learn English through their first language; so this feature helps very much. As example, we give spelling exercise links with definitions of Chinese and Turkish here, you can click directly to try. If your language is neither Chinese nor Turkish, you still can go to one page of the links, change to your own language with language selector, and then refresh page. So simple, you will enjoy native language definitions on spelling exercise cards.

500 IELTS Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Chinese.
500 IELTS Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Turkish.
If you pass 500 IELTS Vocabulary easy and fast, congratulations! You should be confident in future test, an excellent mark you will be rewarded. If you are trying to do your best, to challenge more practice for larger chance to get higher mark, 4000 IELTS Academic Word List is your next object. In fact, you don't need to spell all of them in view of writing test, it's a large vocabulary for all academic test sections. If you can pass 50% of them in spelling practice, it should be very fantastic score! This list supports multiple language definitions as well. We suggest to attach first language explanation in spelling hint card in order to clarify meaning and save exercise time. We give some links with Russian definitions as example.