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v. Syn. cancel; annul
(مٹاتا) cancel; put an end to; destroy completely

Spelling Word: abolish
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a. Syn. unsuccessful; fruitless
(ناکام) unsuccessful; failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless

Spelling Word: abortive
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ad. Syn. inadvertently
(تیزی سے حادثاتی) inadvertently; by chance; casually; fortuitously; not essentially or intrinsically

Spelling Word: accidentally
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v. Syn. adapt; oblige
(ایڈجسٹ) do a favor or service for; provide for; supply with; make suitable; adapt; allow for

Spelling Word: accommodate
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a. Syn. true; real
(اصل) true; real; being, existing, or acting at the present moment; current

Spelling Word: actual
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v. Syn. stick; bond
(التزام) stick fast; stick to firmly; be compatible or in accordance with

Spelling Word: adhere
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v. Syn. decorate
(سجانا) enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments

Spelling Word: adorn
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n. Syn. poverty; misfortune
(مصیبت) state of misfortune, hardship, or affliction; misfortune

Spelling Word: adversity
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n. Syn. fondness; love
(دلار) fondness; tender feeling toward another; fondness

Spelling Word: affection
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n. Syn. representative; delegate; deputy
(ایجنٹ) one that acts on behalf of other persons or organizations

Spelling Word: agent