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Read [Esc] (1)
v. [विस्तृत] work out with care and detail; develop thoroughly

Spelling Word: elaborate
Read [Esc] (2)
n. [स्तवन] expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death

Spelling Word: eulogy
Read [Esc] (3)
n. [छूट] permission not to do something

Spelling Word: exemption
Read [Esc] (4)
n. [शोषण] deed or action, particularly a brave deed

Spelling Word: exploit
Read [Esc] (5)
n. [आकाश] fixed foundation; established base; region of the air; sky or heavens; the most remote of the celestial spheres

Spelling Word: firmament
Read [Esc] (6)
n. [मत्स्य] business or practice of catching fish; fishing; a place for catching fish; the right to take fish at a certain place

Spelling Word: fishery
Read [Esc] (7)
v. [चमक] flame up with a bright, wavering light; burst into intense, sudden flame; become suddenly angry

Spelling Word: flare
Read [Esc] (8)
v. [झलक] see briefly; catch sight of

Spelling Word: glimpse
Read [Esc] (9)
n. [सुसमाचार] the doctrine that is believed to be of great importance

Spelling Word: gospel
Read [Esc] (10)
a. [शुल्क] given freely; unwarranted; granted without recompense; unearned

Spelling Word: gratuitous