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Read [Esc] (1) n. any of various large passenger vehicles, especially a luxurious automobile; van, or small bus on a regular route

Spelling Word: limousine
Read [Esc] (2) v. cause to sleep or rest; soothe or calm; deceive into trustfulness; become calm

Spelling Word: lull
Read [Esc] (3) n. the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality

Spelling Word: materialism
Read [Esc] (4) n. short note; memorandum; written proposal or reminder

Spelling Word: memo
Read [Esc] (5) v. lessen the violence, severity, or extremeness of; preside over

Spelling Word: moderate
Read [Esc] (6) n. act of causing anger, displeasure, or affront; transgression of the law; attacking or assaulting

Spelling Word: offense
Read [Esc] (7) a. insignificant; lacking in importance or worth; worthless

Spelling Word: paltry
Read [Esc] (8) a. approving; tolerant; granting; not strict in discipline

Spelling Word: permissive
Read [Esc] (9) n. small kernels of corn exploded by heat

Spelling Word: popcorn
Read [Esc] (10) v. hunt or catch; victimize or make a profit at someone else's expense

Spelling Word: prey