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Read [Esc] (1) n. the remainder of something after removal of parts or a part; balance

Spelling Word: residue
Read [Esc] (2) a. tending or serving to restrict; limiting; confining

Spelling Word: restrictive
Read [Esc] (3) n. profound respect with fear and affection, as for a holy place; showing respect, especially a bow or curtsy

Spelling Word: reverence
Read [Esc] (4) a. tending to improve; beneficial; favorable to health

Spelling Word: salutary
Read [Esc] (5) n. place of refuge or asylum; shrine; holy places, such as a church, temple, or mosque

Spelling Word: sanctuary
Read [Esc] (6) v. mock; ridicule; show or express scorn; eat quickly and greedily

Spelling Word: scoff
Read [Esc] (7) a. removed or remote from others; solitary; hidden or isolated

Spelling Word: secluded
Read [Esc] (8) a. suggesting or threatening evil

Spelling Word: sinister
Read [Esc] (9) n. comfort or relieve in sorrow, misfortune, or distress

Spelling Word: solace
Read [Esc] (10) a. of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth; characterized by nobility; majestic

Spelling Word: sublime