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IELTS USA 2017 Workshop for ESL Teachers
IELTS USA provides one-day professional session to ESL Professionals in the summer of 2017. IELTS is becoming more and more popular in English language test market; it was taken more than 2.9 million times around the world last year. Only in USA it is accepted and used by over 3,000 universities and colleges, and other organizations.
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Pakistanis pay highest fee for IELTS in South Asia
South Asia isn't rich, but IELTS isn't cheap there, especially for Pakistani citizens. Following the complaints lodged by a number of aspirants, the Daily Times has learnt that IELTS charges highest fee as compare to other countries of our region.
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Do this one thing to improve your Band Score
Your IELTS result means so many things; your IELTS Band score can make a BIG difference to your life. There are so many jobs in prepare list of the test, actually not one thing. However, this is you must do it...
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Pass IELTS Test Play by the Rules
In order pass the IELTS, the test taker must follow the rules completely. It helps very much to know the mechanics by taking mock exams or exercise. Where is the right places to get training resources?
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Expands IELTS test operations in Dhaka
The British Council announced expansion of IELTS test operations in Dhaka, with opening of its new IELTS test venue at Pallabi and Mirpur. Test takers can register online for newly opened venue along with existing venues in Banani, Basundhara, Dhanmondi and Uttara.
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IELTS Prize 2016/17 opens for application
THE British Council IELTS Prize 2016/17 is now open for applications from students who are planning to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies locally or overseas in the academic year commencing in 2017.
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Express entry drives more IELTS test takers
When the Canada government introduced the new express entry system in January 2015, the British Council knew they could expect to see a rise in demand for IELTS tests.
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British Council IELTS Prize opens for the 2016-17 period
This year, local prizes in Taiwan amount to £6,000, while prizes for regional winners in the East Asia region come to £55,000. The British Council IELTS Prize 2016-17 is now open for applications from students.
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Irish doctors may be required to sit IELTS exam
Irish who study medicine in countries not exempted from language proficiency requirements, even if their studies are through English. They are required to write IELTS academic test under new regulations.
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Free Online IELTS Course enthusiastic candidates worldwide
Already more than 150,000 IELTS candidates worldwide have successfully participated in the newly introduced toll free IELTS online preparation course at the University of Queensland.
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