By Pacific Lava

Online PTE Spelling Practice

In PTE writing test, you should be able to use a decent vocabulary to express your idea. Don't like words in reading, just understand them is enough. When writing, you have to spell them quick and right to get a good score. Nowadays, most of editor software have auto-correct feature, the spelling ability of students is actually down, especially PTE academic test takers, because they aren't native English speakers. This is why spelling practice for PTE words is very important in exam preparation.

We list lots of resources to help students do spelling exercise online. For visitors of separate levels, please following instructions.

This 3 spelling exercises are fundamental PTE vocabulary of 500. They are used in speaking, listing, and writing with high frequency. They are good start point for spelling practice.
If you think these 500+ PTE words are easy, congratulations! You have chance to shoot a high score. Please try spelling practice for PTE Academic Vocabulary, this is a relative longer word list of 2000. In fact, you don't spell all of them. If you can pass with 60% right percentage in following spelling exercise, you should have full confidence in writing test.
If you are ESL students, in fact most of PTE test takers aren't native English speaker, you may want to connect first language's definition to new PTE word. Yes, you can access this sort of spelling practices if your first language is in 20 languages. We show exercise lists with Chinese definitions as example, you can get there by links, change to your own language, and then refresh pages. You can see own native language definitions are shown on spelling exercise cards.