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misappropriate  Speak
bad fortune or ill luck; bad luck
failure of administration or management; failure to attain a desired result or reach a destination
appropriate wrongly; use for wrong purpose; embezzle
behavior that causes discomfiture or annoyance in another; tendency to play pranks or cause embarrassment
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v. Syn. coat; cover
coat; cover

Spelling Word: pave
 PTE Test - How to Prepare Vocabulary

PTE (the Pearson Test of English) is an English exam for non-English persons. We assume that most of the website visitors know PTE very well. If not, the brief introduction will help you to get the big picture of PTE Test.

Actually, PTE has 2 different examinations: PTE Academic and PTE General.

PTE Academic is to evaluate the level of EFL (English as Foreign Language) students to learn college program in English countries. PTE Academic is a common option of education organizations to test whether EFL students are ready to enter the English-speaking academia world. Some universities and colleges in English countries take PTE score as an important factor in admission. Who accept PTE Academic score? The list is long. The UK and Australian Governments accept it for visa applications; and thousands of universities and colleges accept it for admission, including Harvard and Yale.

PTE General, formerly known as the London Tests of English, is an exam designed for EFL persons who plan to live or work in English countries. It’s a separate test, and is for immigration, not for academic purpose.

PTE Academic test takers usually have heavier challenge. They should be able to listen to lectures and respond to questions in real campus life, or say, to be familiar with academic English. Besides, some of them work hard to get higher scores to apply for top universities.

PTE test is leading computer-based test among all main English tests, convenient and fast. You may book a test, take it, and get its result to send to universities in 7 days. How do you do it? At first, schedule your test up to 24 hours in advance; then take part in a test session; and finally get the result within five business days.

Thanks to the IT infrastructure, the computer-based test is available almost every dayr. PTE sets more than 200 test centres worldwide, that offer all services related your test. For example, it will send your score by request. You don’t need choose receivers before test and don’t need pay extra fee to send score reports.

PTE includes 4 sections: listening, reading, speaking and writing. As an academic English test, its contents are selected from real academic scenario, namely campus life, for example, excerpts of lectures, charts of either society or science. In listening materials, you will hear various accents, from British to India. All are to mock a diverse English academic environment. So to prepare PTE is a long and tough journey, especially if you want to get a good score.

Like all English exams, vocabulary building is one of the most critical jobs. If you are preparing to PTE exam, happen to be in vocabulary building, this web site is right place for you. We understand that our visitors are in various levels, for separate expectations, and by different schedules. So we offer PTE exam takers a hub of resources, not only one or few single word lists. We offer apps, word lists, experiences, and tips to let PTE exam prepare easier and faster.
PTE Word Lists

PTE exam actually is English test. Vocabulary skill will impact all sections of the test. A PTE test taker usually tries to study a vocabulary to cover the words gap before test day; but the actual gaps are quite different among test takers. So, you may see many PTE vocabularies on Internet. Here we prepare 3 word lists and hope one of them can help you.

Vocabulary for PTE Speaking:   Enter

The vocabulary is for PTE speaking test, short but useful for PTE academic test takers. In general, we divide PTE vocabulary into 2 categories: one is for reading and listening, and another is for speaking and writing. For the latter, namely vocabulary for speaking, as similar as vocabulary for writing, you should pay more efforts because in PTE test you have to use them, not just know them. If you are working hard to get a high score from future PTE academic exam, never ignore this 500+ short list. Using them in right way, your speaking score definitely will go to a higher level. Samples...
facilitate:  Read   help bring about; make less difficult

federal:  Read   of or relating to central government; national

financial:  Read   monetary; pertaining or relating to money matters

finite:  Read   having a limit; limited in quantity, degree, or capacity; bounded

PTE Word List for Academic:   Enter

This PTE word list is compiled for PTE academic exam takers. It has a large vocabulary, 2500+ words, and is for serious PTE exam takers to study and review. Although it’s not the hardest PTE academic word list, most of test takers should sechedule 2 or 3 months to own it. If you get all words of it, you should be confident to pass the exam. To help ESL (English as Second Language) students, this list offers definitions of 20 languages, include Chinese, Russia, etc. Samples...
saline:  Read
a. Syn. salty
salty; containing salt; of or relating to chemical salts

salute:  Read
n. Syn. honor
give a sign of good will; compliment by an act or ceremony, as a kiss, a bow; honor

salvage:  Read
v. Syn. rescue
save from loss or destruction; rescue of a ship; save for further use

sanction:  Read
v. Syn. approve; ratify
give authorization or approval to something; penalize a state, especially for violating international law

PTE Academic Vocabulary:   Enter

PTE academic test is for students who are applying for the colleges of English countries, so its vocabulary level is much more difficult than PTE general. You may find many word lists from Internet or books. At first, you should ensure it’s a PTE academic list. Then, scan it quickly. If too easy, don’t deserve to spend time; if too hard, consider whether you have enough time to challenge it. As a matter of fact, students usually have different strategies when preparing PTE academic vocabulary: some want to get a score as high as possible; some just need a basic score to pass. So, you should pick up vocabulary to match with your purpose. As for this vocabulary, it gives high score hunters one more option. Samples...
sack:  Read
n. a woman's full loose hiplength jacket
n. any of various light dry strong white wine from Spain and Canary Islands (including sherry)

sacred:  Read
a. (often followed by `to') devoted exclusively to a single use or purpose or person
a. worthy of religious veneration

sanction:  Read
v. give religious sanction to, such as through on oath
n. a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards

sap:  Read
n. a watery solution of sugars, salts, and minerals that circulates through the vascular system of a plant
n. a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people

PTE Vocabulary Apps

For PTE test takers, to get a right word list is just the first step to build vocabulary. Learn new words and review known words are hard jobs day after day until test day. They usually try to look for some tools to improve performance and save time. The 4 web apps we introduce here are designed to address the puzzle. Through Internet and browser, you can enhance your PTE test vocabulary from every corner of the world.

PTE vocabulary in 10 Days:   Enter

This web app has a built-in vocabulary of 1000+ words. If these words are matched with your level, the app definitely is a cool tool to help you to study and review them in the shortest time. It records your activities and words’ statuses, creates online exercises smartly, and pushes you forward on right way. Under this tool, every minute won't be wasted.
Review PTE Vocabulary
1200 PTE Words in 30 Days:   Enter

This one month course is developed for hardworking and smart guys who are planning to complete 1000+ basic level PTE words. It sounds mission impossible for most of PTE test takers because 1000 words within one month is indeed a tough task for ESL (English as Second Language) students. However, if you try to challenge such a task, the web app gives you a chance. In case you don't finish course in 30 days for any reason, your efforts aren't wasted. The app is very flexible, you can extend your time frame to two, three, or even more months.
1200 PTE Words in 30 Days
Vocabulary Study Online - PTE:   Enter

Some PTE test takers are looking for a flexible vocabulary building tool. The basic idea is to load different word lists, even own word list, skip the known words, learn new words, and manage half-known words that need revisit periodically. VSO (Vocabulary Studying Online) is a perfect web app enclosing these features. In load web page, 3 popular PTE vocabularies are available to load based on your perference. In addition, you can load any other word lists. The app will get off most time-consuming overhead, and increase your performance dramatically.
Vocabulary Study Online - PTE
PTE Materials

This website also collects and presents related materials, such as tips, experiences, and news, which may help students to prepare PTE test. Although we focus on PTE vocabulary build and the articles usually focus on vocabulary study, we also select materials of other PTE topics if we think that more or less our visitors are interested on them. These resources and information will help visitors go further and faster.

PTE Spelling Practice:   Enter

PTE test consists of 4 sections: listening, reading, speaking and writing. When preparing PTE vocabulary, you should keep an eye on words in writing test especially. By the nature of writing, if you spell a word wrongly, which not only loses score directly but even ruins the whole sentence or paragraph. So we strongly suggest PTE test takers prepare a set of words for writing test, and ensure to use and spell them in correctly. This article lists some resources of PTE vocabulary spelling exercises.

Print PTE Vocabulary Flashcard:   Enter

Do you want to print customized flashcards to prepare PTE vocabulary? This web site offers some tools to help you make own flashcards. Flashcards are common tool to memorize important stuffs, like math formula or foreign language words. Some students used to learn new words by flashcard since in elementary schools. When they start to build PTE vocabulary, flashcards would be one of the most usual tools. This paper will show how to print PTE flashcards with resources of this web site.

PTE English Test for Words:   Enter

Vocabulary level finally impacts the result of PTE exam, especially of PTE Academic exam. If you want to get a higher score to apply for better colleges, you must have stronger vocabulary. There are some efficient tools to enrich test vocabulary; and online exercise is one of them. This web site has 2 PTE academic word lists, which include single choice practice for each word. Based on them, you can take online single choice exercises to review the known word and learn new words.

Download PTE Vocabulary PDF:   Enter

PDF file is a favorable option for many PTE vocabulary builders. However, how to make a personalized word list PDF puzzles some people more or less. The first thing is to have a base vocabulary that closes to your requirement, then remove known words or update whatever, finally produce your own PDF version by free online PDF makers. The paper will show you step by step.

PTE Academic test includes listening, reading, speaking and writing. All parts are in a 3 hour session to test with computer and headset.

The test consists of three main parts; (1) speaking and writing; (2) listening; (3) reading. The test format is as:
PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes)

Read aloud; Repeat sentence; Describe image; Re-tell lecture; Answer short question; Summarize written text (one sentence); Summarize written text (paragraph); Essay (20mins)

PART 2: READING (32 – 41 minutes)

Multiple choice questions; Re-order paragraphs; Fill in the blanks

BREAK 10 minutes (10 minutes break)

PART 3: LISTENING (45 – 57 minutes)

Summarize spoken text; Multiple choice; Fill the blanks; Highlight the correct summary; Select missing word; Highlight incorrect words; Write from dictation

More information is in PTE's official website. PTE Test