By Amy Bush Cy

Make PTE Vocabulary PDF on Demand

1 Customize Own PTE PDF
PDF file has many merits: easy to read at lots of devices, easy to print, and easy to shrink or enlarge. This is why some students are trying to get a copy of PTE vocabulary PDF. However, search on internet either by PTE PDF download or Free PTE PDF, you hardly get valuable results. The root behind is PTE vocabulary list should be a diversity requirement. Different student has different vocabulary level, and should use different word list. So even if someone worked out a PTE vocabulary PDF and is ready to download, probably it doesn't match with your situation, is useless because of too easy or too hard.

Now that few existing PTE PDFs meet with your case, we suggest to make own PDF file by leveraging PTE vocabularies of this web site. In simple speaking, copy word list and its definitions what you like and make PDF by the copied contents. Is there copyright protection? Don't worry about copyright: if your copying is only for studying of yourself and don't share the copied content in any format. So, just remember that don't share what you copy from this web site with others, no copyright issue will buzz you.

2 Steps to Make PTE PDF
The first step is to copy words from PTE word list. We suggest to use PTE Word List for Academic as base vocabulary. This list has definitions of 20 languages, so you may choose to append mother language definition. Some examples are as following links. You can negotiate to other groups (like C, D, etc.) or other languages (like Japanese, French, etc.) from these links easily.
You can copy these words and explanations to an editor, for example, MS Words, then edit the content, such as deleting known words or adjusting format.

Now you need PDF maker to do last job: make own PTE academic vocabulary PDF. There are lots of free resources on internet to help you to convert a text file or Word file to PDF file. For example,
Upload the file we just copy/paste/edit to one site, then download your PTE PDF after it is ready. The things are so simple and smooth. You get a personalized PTE academic vocabulary PDF in minutes. If you feel any thing unsatisfied, repeat this procedure, you can make and download a new PTE PDF again and again.

Google Drive is another tool to convert document to PDF format.

3 Customized PTE PDF Dome
We made a PDF file by PTE Word List for Academic without any editing. You can Download PTE PDF to preview.

4 Existing PTE PDF
This section is for those who want to download PTE vocabulary PDF directly. Below are available PTE PDF files made in advance, some need VIP account to download.

PTE Word List for Academic