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 PTE Vocabulary List and Questions
This online vocabulary study tool is for you to enhance PTE words level in a short time frame. It includes a proven words list and a set of dynamic and intelligent exercises.

At first, the PTE word list of 1200 is selected for PTE academic test and is proven helpful for high score hunters. It groups all words into 30 units, and one unit is assumed to be the task of one day. So 30 days' hardworking will up your PTE vocabulary skill to a higher level.

Secondly, each unit has a set of intelligent exercises based on every word until you pass all words. The word questions are standard: the single selection from multiple options. The app creates them dynamically under your current progress. So you never see the same work quiz sheet in practicing. Besides, your study activities, such as how many words you passed and when you practiced the latest for a particular unit, are recorded. In general, this tool will arrange you every second efficiently.

If you compare it with another vocabulary app on the website, PTE Vocabulary in 10 Days, you may see some noticeable differences. For example, this tool offers a more flexible practice method; you can start from any unit and work for multiple units concurrently. As for PTE Vocabulary in 10 Days, you must start from a fixed point.

The app needs to trace exercised words and save them for further reference, so signing on with an active account is necessary to run all features. If you don't sign on, the tool cannot work because it cannot retrieve previous exercise data and save current activities. In this situation, the web page shows demo PTE word question sheets. You may practice on it but cannot save any exercise result.

1200 PTE Words in 30 Days is free, and you can sign on by any account. If you don't have an account yet, we encourage you to create one to enjoy this fantastic tool's features.