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/'pɔ:sɪtɪ/ n. Syn. scarcity
scarcity; smallness of number; fewness
They closed the restaurant because the [___] of customers made it uneconomical to operate.

Spelling Word: paucity
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/pɪ'lju:sɪd/ a. Syn. transparent; limpid
transparent; limpid; easy to understand
After reading these stodgy philosophers, I find Bertrand Russell's [___] style very enjoyable.

Spelling Word: pellucid
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/prə'klɪvɪtɪ/ n. Syn. inclination
inclination; natural tendency; readiness; facility of learning
Watching the two-year-old boy voluntarily put away his toys, I was amazed by his [___] for neatness.

Spelling Word: proclivity
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/'proʊtɪɛn, 'proʊti:n/ a. Syn. versatile
versatile; able to take on many shapes; readily taking on varied shapes
A remarkably [___] actor, Alec Guinness could take on any role.

Spelling Word: protean
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/'pʌlkrɪtju:d/ n. Syn. beauty; comeliness
great physical beauty and appeal; attractive moral excellence; moral beauty
I do not envy the judges who have to select this year's Miss America from this collection of female [___].

Spelling Word: pulchritude
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/raɪf/ a. Syn. current
excessively abundant or numerous; in widespread existence, practice, or use
In the face of the many rumors of scandal, which are [___] at the moment, it is best to remain silent.

Spelling Word: rife
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/'skʌrɪləs/ n. Syn. obscene; indecent
obscene; indecent; expressing offensive reproach
Your [___] remarks are especially offensive because they are untrue.

Spelling Word: scurrilous
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/'sɜrvaɪl/;/'sɛrvl/ a. Syn. slavish; cringing
slavish; suitable to slave or servant; relating to servitude or forced labor
Constantly fawning on his employer, humble Uriah Heap was a [___] creature.

Spelling Word: servile
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/'spjʊərɪəs/ a. Syn. false; counterfeit; forged; illogical
false; counterfeit; forged; illogical
Natasha's claim to be the lost heir of the Romanoffs was spurious: the only thing Russian about her was the vodka she drank!.

Spelling Word: spurious
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/'sɪkəfænt/ n. Syn. bootlicker; flatterer
one who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people; bootlicker; yes man
Fed up with the toadies and flunkies who made up his entourage, the star cried, "Get out, all of you! I'm sick of sycophant!"

Spelling Word: sycophant