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If your TOEIC test is coming day by day and you are worried about how to prepare enough TOEIC words for the test, you get the right place. The 1200 TOEIC Words in 30 Days is a handy tool to help you study and review an essential TOEIC vocabulary online. Thirty days seem too short to master 1000+ English words, but this fantastic app can help you achieve it.

If you are a hardworking person, if you schedule one month to prepare TOEIC, and if you think these 1200 words will enhance your English vocabulary, start the app immediately. From now on, every day will be an asset in your TOEIC preparation. This app includes 1200 TOEIC words; actually, these words aren't easy ones. They are selected to help test takers to do their best in future TOEIC exam.

Now that you decide to pay one month's hard work, you should be rewarded in the test score. This app isn't only a vocabulary; it is also a tool to manage your progress and offer interactive practice and test to build vocabulary. We develop it with pure web technology and has integrated it with modern vocabulary training methodology that helps to plan and control your activities by scientific algorithm and flexible schedule.

The app schedules all contents in 30 days. In fact, 30 days means 30 units. The whole vocabulary is divided into 30 units. You can finish one unit per day and clean all of them in one month. But if any reason to conflict with the schedule, you also can delay some units, or spend two or more days to finish one unit. Namely, one unit doesn't mean a calendar day, and only suggests you with a calendar day.

This app makes a question sheet for each word in dynamic to ensure you always exercise new questions. It can remember passed words and focus on new words or failed words, namely skips passed words when making question sheets smartly, and never bother you with known words. Besides, you can learn the vocabulary from any units. As we know, there are total 30 units; you can start from anyone or even study multiple units in parallel.

Finally, you should sign on to run all features of the app, such as TOEIC online test. If you don't sign on, the app's main page shows demo TOEIC question sheets, you may do some vocabulary exercises, but cannot save any result. This app is a free resource; we encourage you to create an account immediately in case you haven't one. Enjoy such a handy and powerful TOEIC vocabulary builder!