By Amy Bush Cy

Make TOEIC Vocabulary PDF

1. Overview
You may experience frustration when trying to download a TOEIC vocabulary PDF file to study. More or less you can download some TOEIC vocabulary PDF files from Internet. However, when you open these files, you usually disappoint with the contents.

Some files are too easy; you know many words already. Revisit these words absolutely wastes time. Some files are reverse, too difficult. These words are selected for TOEIC test but not good for your current vocabulary capacity or schedule. Study them cannot maximize the efficiency of preparation effort.

Even if you get a word list that happened to match with your circumstance, but its definition is in Japanese, not your native language, you have to drop it finally. So download an existing TOEIC vocabulary PDF sounds simple but hardly get a satisfied result.

Because many people like PDF file, or their devices can only show PDF in high quality, they don't give up looking for TOEIC vocabulary PDF. They keep searching again and again, but fail to get an accepted PDF word list. Actually only a few people can download an existing PDF that exactly, or nearly exactly, meets with individual requirement.

For many test takers the right solution should be to make own PDF file on demand. Now that we have some TOEIC vocabularies, theoretically we can make PDF files based on them flexibly. By leveraging vocabularies of this web site, you can copy word and definitions whatever you need and produce customized PDF with your own contents.

Some people concern if there is any copyright issue. As for vocabularies of the website, we give a clear answer: NO, only if you don't share copied contents, including in PDF format, with others. For your studying and reviewing, copy/paste/edit and convert to any other formats don't cause any copyright trouble.

2. Steps to Customize TOEIC PDF
Now we will show you the steps to make TOEIC vocabulary PDF in details. The first step is to copy words from TOEIC word list. This list is the core of PDF, so you should choose one that closes to your requirement as possible.

Here we use 3000 TOEIC Vocabulary. As a large vocabulary, it covers the smaller ones. Concentrating on one vocabulary will save time to figure out overlap words among different lists. Besides, this list has definitions of 20 languages. It means you have chance to make PDF with mother language's definition.

This list has 14 groups, we use the first group as example, its links for English definition and some bilingual definitions - appending explanation with Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean - are as following. You can change to other groups or languages easily by menus in page.
Then you can copy content to an editor, for example, MS Words. For example, copy Japanese definition in demo. Then edit the content, such as deleting known words, add explanation, or adjusting edit format until the content is ready to make PDF.

Now you need PDF maker to produce the final PDF file. At internet you can search out lots of tools to convert MS Word file to PDF file. Here we suggest you try one from:
Upload the MS Word (or txt) file you just finished, the online PDF converter will make new PDF file for you. As long as the file is available, you can download it. Congratulations! Your customized TOEIC vocabulary PDF file is made and downloaded in minutes. This method is definitely free. You can update the file content in MS Word and re-produce the PDF file any time. Basically making new TOEIC vocabulary PDF costs nothing except your time.

If you cannot get a realibe PDF maker online, Google Drive is a handy tool to convert txt to PDF format. If you are familiar with it, don't hesitate to leverage it.

Do you want to have an own vocabulary PDF to prepare TOEIC test? Try this method, which will bring surprise to you.

3. Sample of Customized TOEIC PDF
Upload the PDF we just made, it was by 3000 TOEIC Vocabulary (Group 1) with Japanese definition. You can Download TOEIC PDF to preview.