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chat  Speak
thorough physical examination
harbor; treasure; treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear
written order directing a bank to pay money
talk without exchanging too much information; informal conversation
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a. Syn. desolate
desolate; fruitless and unproductive; lacking

Spelling Word: barren
 TOEIC Exam - How to Prepare Vocabulary

TOEIC test is one of the most popular English skill tests to evaluate test-takers' English level for non-academic purposes, e.g., general work or immigration. TOEIC is relatively easy compared with academic tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS Academic, and its vocabulary is smaller than academic tests too. However, all examinations have more or less challenge. If you don't want to fail and re-write again, you have to prepare a TOEIC exam sufficiently before the test date.

TOEIC test is designed for non-native English speakers to check their language skills to live and work in English countries. This test covers all aspects of language capacity: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Of course, for individual test-takers, the contents may vary with register, for example, one test package may have two sections: reading and listening.

No matter how many parts are in your test package, preparing TOEIC test includes many tasks. As a matter of fact, TOEIC isn't an easy test because its test takers are non-native English speakers and usually away from schools for years. The real scenario is that some test takers have to take TOEIC test, but they rarely use English in daily life, and English skills learned in school are fading away. So after registering the test, you should start to prepare the test and schedule a plan till test day. Then you will find that either big or small lots of jobs are waiting for you to address.

Building TOEIC vocabulary is one of them, which is the toughest job for many people. Vocabulary is the foundation of all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It will impact all test parts. If your vocabulary is weak and cannot match with the basic criteria, you hardly pass the TOEIC exam. On the other hand, vocabulary is a common shortcoming for non-native English speakers because English words are foreign words and have few chances to use them. It is why building vocabulary usually costs the most time in preparing the TOEIC test.

Here and there, you may hear people talked about TOEIC vocabulary. However, when you seriously plan to study TOEIC vocabulary, you would face the first problem: what is the TOEIC vocabulary? The TOEIC organizer doesn't provide a word list for test-takers to study and review, and none can give a word list and ensure it covers all words in TOIEC test papers. In general, a TOEIC vocabulary encloses words that were, or will are probably be, used in TOEIC tests or samples. Besides, different people have separate circumstances; one vocabulary cannot cover all situations. So your working should be based on a right TOEIC vocabulary, either size or difficulty level.

This website offers 4 TOEIC vocabularies to compare and select, and all vocabularies have built-in interactive practices. Besides, we developed some web apps to help test takers leverage modern information technology to improve study performance. Tip and experience papers introduce some tricks to use online free resource to speed up TOEIC vocabulary building. We hope this web site can give a hand to any TOEIC test takers who are struggling to overcome the vocabulary challenge.
TOEIC Word Lists

If you try to enrich TOEIC vocabulary, you have to get the right word list as the first step. Different test-takers need different word list. A correct word list means to match your level, goal, and time frame. Its words are useful and helpful in your future TOEIC exam. Here we offer four lists and hope you can get your right one from them.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary:   Enter

It is a hard TOEIC vocabulary of 3000 words to help self-study test-takers enrich TOEIC words. Each word is with definitions of 20 languages. This list is for high score hunters who at least already finished essential word list. If you plan 100 days to build vocabulary and are seriously preparing the TOEIC exam, this word list is the right choice. Samples...
cab:  Read
n. Syn. taxi; taxicab
taxi; one-horse vehicle for public hire

cabal:  Read
small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests

cabin:  Read
n. Syn. cottage
small room on a ship or boat where people sleep

cable:  Read
very strong thick rope made of twisted steel or metal wire

TOEIC Reading Vocabulary:   Enter

This word list includes 800 words that are selected for the TOEIC reading test exclusively. It is a middle difficult reading vocabulary. If you are confident for basic and common TOEIC vocabulary and are planning to increase reading words to have a good score, this list is an option for you. Besides, this list offers bilingual explanations with 20 non-English languages. e.g., Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc., it helps very much for EFL (English as Foreign Language) people. Samples...
ideology:  Read
n. Syn. belief; idea; philosophy
study of origin and nature of ideas

illuminate:  Read
v. Syn. brighten; enlighten; clarify
provide or brighten with light; clear up or make understandable; enlighten

immune:  Read
a. Syn. exempt; resistant
resistant to; free or exempt from; not subject to

impair:  Read
v. Syn. injure; hurt
injure or hurt; become worse; affect negatively

TOEIC Vocabulary Apps

To build vocabulary, TOEIC test takers need not only right word lists, but also study, exercise, and even self-test. Web app is a convenient way to deploy interactive training and practice to users over the world. It can improve study efficiency dramatically. Here we present three fantastic web apps designed for TOEIC test takers, especially for high score hunters, to learn more words within less time.

1200 TOEIC Words in 30 Days:   Enter

This app is built-in 1200 TOEIC words and organizes them into 30 units. It will manage your progress and push you to finish all the words in 30 days. If you plan to increase 1000 TOEIC words in one month, don't miss this excellent tool. Although you are supposed to learn one unit per day, two or more days are acceptable for any reason. It's a flexible tool and doesn't limit to any particular time frame. So don't feel pressure from the title.
1200 TOEIC Words in 30 Days
Vocabulary Study Online - TOEIC:   Enter

It's a tough job for TOEIC test takers to accumulate new English words. Memorize, review, and repeatedly review; the job takes lots of time. Learn useful words and use efficient methods are two prerequisites to build TOEIC vocabulary successfully. VSO (Vocabulary Studying Online) is developed to easy this puzzle. It supports to load various vocabularies. We have 4 TOEIC vocabularies available to load in web site. Test takers can load other lists, including own personalized list. The app will save lots of overhead time, and push your studying and reviewing like a tireless tutor.
Vocabulary Study Online - TOEIC
TOEIC Materials

Here we collect some tips and experiences articles that TOEIC test takers may be interested in. In general, we try to focus on vocabulary building alone. Still, we also include a few other topics related to the TOEIC test, if we feel they are useful or helpful in TOEIC preparation. These papers will bring you more or less new ideas to speed up your preparing of TOEIC test.

Download TOEIC Vocabulary PDF:   Enter

If you cannot find out TOEIC vocabulary PDF file to exactly match with your requirement, don't worry about it. Many people have similar experiences when looking for TOEIC PDF materials. Here we show you how to make customized vocabulary PDF by online resources of either this website or others. You will see steps of how to make your PDF file and then download it. The things are straightforward.

Questions for TOEIC Vocabulary Exercise:   Enter

Interactive exercises based on Internet are a common way to build TOEIC vocabulary. Single choice question is a straight vocabulary practice style; it is also called word-definition match. All 4 TOEIC word lists at this web site offer each word dynamic single choice exercises. The format is a single choice from 4 options. It is a flexible online resource to let test-takers study and review TOEIC words by repeated practices.

TOEIC Writing Words Spelling:   Enter

In the TOEIC test, you don't need to write too much except writing test. But if you have to take the writing test, you must practice spelling to ensure you express ideas with correct words. This website offers spelling practice for all 4 TOEIC word lists. Among them, the best vocabulary for spelling exercise is 1000 TOEIC Words in Sample. Its words are relatively simple and easy to use in writing test. If you are working for a higher score, you may challenge harder word list.

TOEIC is an English language test to measure the everyday English skills for working in an international environment.

Now, this exam has two forms. The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test is a two-hour multiple-choice test consisting of 200 questions divided into listening and reading comprehension; the newer TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test tests pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and sentence structure.

More information is in its official website. TOEIC Test