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/'dɪspərət/ a. Syn. unrelated
(असमान) fundamentally distinct or different in kind; entirely dissimilar
Unfortunately, Tony and Tina have disparate notions of marriage: Tony sees it as a carefree extended love affair, while Tina sees it as a solemn commitment to build a family and a home.
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/dɪ'spærɪtɪ/ n. Syn. difference
(असमानता) difference; condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree
Their disparity in rank made no difference at all to the prince and Cinderella.
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/dɪ'spæʃ(ə)nət/ a. Syn. calm; impartial
(निष्पक्ष) calm; impartial; unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice
Known in the company for his cool judgment, Bill could impartially examine the causes of a problem, giving a dispassionate analysis of what had gone wrong, and go on to suggest how to correct the mess.
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/dɪ'spætʃ/ n. Syn. expedition; sending off
(प्रेषण) act of sending off something; property of being prompt and efficient; message usually sent in haste
He sent a dispatch to headquarters informing his commander of the great victory.
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/dɪ'spɛl/ v. Syn. scatter
(दूर) scatter; drive away; cause to vanish
The bright sunlight eventually might dispel the morning mist.
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/dɪ'sɛnt/ v. Syn. disagree
(असहमति) differ in opinion or feeling; withhold assent or approval
They dissent from the Bishops Conferences, not the Universal Church, and their issue is not on “faith and morals,” but on social policy
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/'dɪsəlu:t/ a.
(लम्पट) lacking moral restraint; indulging in sensual pleasures or vices
The dissolute life led by the ancient Romans is indeed shocking.
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/dɪ'strɔ:t/ a. Syn. upset
(व्याकुल) deeply agitated, as from emotional conflict; mad; insane
Her father had recently died and her mother was still distraught from the loss.
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/daɪ'vɜrs/ a. Syn. various
(विविध) differing in some characteristics; various
The professor suggested diverse ways of approaching the assignment and recommended that we choose one of them.
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/daɪ'vɜrsɪfaɪ/ v. Syn. vary
(हठधर्मिता) give variety to; spread out activities or investments
For most small investors, the ability to diversify is a primary advantage of index funds.
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/daɪ'vʌldʒ/ v. Syn. reveal
(प्रकट करना) reveal; make known to public
Will update regarding the details, but all I can divulge is that it involves a really good-looking guy.
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/dɒg'mætɪk/;/dɔ:gmætɪk/ a. Syn. opinionated; doctrinal
(सिद्धांतवादी) stubbornly adhering to insufficiently proven beliefs; inflexible, rigid
We tried to discourage Doug from being so dogmatic, but never could convince him that his opinions might be wrong.
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/daɪ'næmɪk/ a. Syn. energetic
(गतिशील) energetic; vigorously active
The dynamic aerobics instructor kept her students on the run.
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/ɪkli:zɪ'æstɪk/ n.
(पादरी) minister or priest; cleric; one holding an office in the Christian ministry
This talented ecclesiastic is also responsible for restoration of the Church in Tlalpan, on the outskirts of the Federal District.
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/'i:dɪkt/ n.
(फतवे) decree ,especially issued by a sovereign; official command
The emperor issued an edict decreeing that everyone should come see him model his magnificent new clothes.
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/'ɛdɪfaɪ/ v. Syn. instruct
(उपदेश देना) instruct or correct, especially so as to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement
Although his purpose was to edify and not to entertain his audience, many of his listeners were amused rather than enlightened.
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/ɪ'gri:dʒəs/ a. Syn. notorious
(प्रबल) notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
She was an egregious liar; we all knew better than to believe a word she said.
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/ɪ'lɪsɪt/ v. Syn. provoke
(अमृत) draw out; bring forth or to light; generate or provoke as response or answer
The detectives tried to elicit where he had hidden his loot.
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/ɪ'lu:sɪdeɪt/ v. Syn. explain; enlighten
(स्पष्ट करना) make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify
He was called upon to elucidate the disputed points in his article.
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/'ɛmɪsərɪ/ n. Syn. agent; messenger
(दूत) agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another
A native of Brazil, Bella considers herself a kind of emissary from the Brazilian community.
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