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/'kwɛrʊləs/ a. Syn. fretful; whining
(鸣不平的,易发牢骚的) habitually complaining; expressing complaint or grievance

Spelling Word: querulous
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/ri:kə'pɪtjʊleɪt/ v. Syn. summarize
(概括,总结) summarize; repeat in concise form

Spelling Word: recapitulate
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/rɪ'sɪprək(ə)l/ a. Syn. mutual; exchangeable; interacting
(互相的,互动的,互惠的) concerning each of two or more persons or things; exchangeable; interacting

Spelling Word: reciprocal
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/rɪ'mju:nərətɪv/ a. Syn. compensating; rewarding
(有利益的,有报酬的) compensating; rewarding; profitable or paying

Spelling Word: remunerative
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/rɪ'zɪlɪənt/ a. Syn. elastic; flexible; rebounding
(弹性的) elastic; having power of springing back or recover readily

Spelling Word: resilient
Read [Esc] (6)
/'rɛspaɪt/ n. Syn. pause
(暂缓) usually short interval of rest or relief; delay in punishment

Spelling Word: respite
Read [Esc] (7)
/rɛtrɪ'bju:ʃ(ə)n/ n. Syn. vengeance; compensation
(复仇,补偿,惩罚) something justly deserved; recompense; compensation; punishment for offenses

Spelling Word: retribution
Read [Esc] (8)
/'skru:tɪnaɪz/;/-tənaɪz/ v.
(仔细检查) examine closely and critically

Spelling Word: scrutinize
Read [Esc] (9)
/'sɔ:dɪd/ a. Syn. filthy; vile; dirty; foul
(肮脏,卑鄙) filthy; unethical or dishonest; dirty; foul; morally degraded

Spelling Word: sordid
Read [Esc] (10)
/'sʌltrɪ/ a.
(闷热的,酷热的,放荡的,粗暴的) burning hot; extremely and unpleasantly hot

Spelling Word: sultry