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News in Levels: A Great TOEFL Resource
News in Levels offers a new way to prepare TOEFL, simple, easy, and straight in format. You can read short written news stories there. The special experience is that every news story on the site has three separate versions, that are in different English levels.
2017-04-12  More in source
TOEFL vans to hit the road soon
The 'TOEFL vans' is a new concept of ETS to provide students with useful information about the TOEFL test, e.g., free resources to help students prepare the test better. The vans will visit the universities and colleges in August and September. In south India, nearly 100 schools may have chance to see these vans.
2016-07-20  More in source
Get an insider view of the TOEFL test with EdX course
TOEFL Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the test offers the opportunity to get an insider’s view at the English skills necessary to succeed in classrooms of English countries.
2016-06-10  More in source
Apply for the TOEFL scholarships to study abroad
ETS will award a total of $105,000 in TOEFL scholarships to exceptional students in India for their academic excellence, according to a latest press release.
2016-05-20  More in source
WeSpeke launches TOEFL test prep lessons
WeSpeke, which launched in 2010, facilitates language learning through social exchange. The platform is now offering a suite of test preparation lessons to its users, focussing on reading skills, in order to prepare them for the TOEFL.
2016-04-26  More in source
Free 6-week Prep Course for TOEFL Test Takers Worldwide
Starting today, you can register for the new TOEFL Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) through edX, online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT. The course is a unique opportunity to prepare for the TOEFL test and develop English-language skills that universities, agencies and institutions look for in applicants.
2016-04-26  More in source
TOEFL Test Preparation App for Only $0.99
Educational app developer Zinkerz is offering students access to the TOEFL Test Prep App for only $0.99, which enables the student to study and practice at their own pace - anywhere and anytime under either iOS or Android devices.
2016-04-25  More in source