By Pacific Lava

TOEIC Writing Vocabulary Spelling

TOEIC writing test has a little extra requirement for vocabulary building; namely, you have to spell these words in right way. A tiny wrong in spelling will possibly lead you lose score. If these spelling errors cause to confuse in meanings, or even worse the examiner misunderstand what you are trying to express, your writing score will be impacted heavily in negative. So spelling is the basic skill to pass TOEIC writing test.

TOEIC test takers are non-English in nature, and not for academic purpose. It means in average they have no experience to write something in English either in real scenario or school training. If they register TOEIC writing test, they have to prepare seriously. Of course, there are many jobs in writing practice, but to build writing vocabulary is the first of first. Unless you can spell an essential vocabulary to cover main topics in TOEIC writing, how can you write? Or what do you use to express your idea?

This is why we strongly suggest you build writing vocabulary separately from general TOEIC vocabulary. As a common rule in language study, most of words we know are limited to read, listen, and speak, only a small part we can write or spell. Because listening and speaking test are usually not involved with difficult words, the general TOEIC vocabulary is mainly for reading test, it is relatively large and difficult. If you can spell all of them, your writing shouldn’t have any trouble. However, it’s sort of contradiction: reading needs vocabulary as large as possible; but spelling every word will slow velocity to learn new words. A widely accepted solution is to circle an exclusive word list to practice spelling, we call it as TOEIC writing vocabulary, which includes words to support writing for usual topics in TOEIC test.

If we have a small but effective vocabulary to practice spelling, it will help very much to prepare TOEIC writing in minimum time consume. As a matter of fact, test takers have separate vocabulary levels and aim separate goals; no one can provide a standard list for TOEIC writing. So every TOEIC word list in the web site has been attached spelling online exercise. Just click Spell button, the spelling feature will be invoked, which is very interactive and can correct spelling error just after each stroke. Although online spelling practice is actually available for all lists, we advise to select one that most match with your circumstance.

For high score hunters, we recommend 3000 TOEIC Vocabulary. In view of most TOEIC test takers this is a full and difficult list. As we mentioned above, spelling exercise is only for writing test, so don’t need to spell all words in this list. You can skip difficult words, rare words, or any words that you believe not to appear in your writing test.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary has 14 groups in total. We show first 3 links of spelling exercise there.
For non-English speakers, if the question hints include explanations of home language, will help to clarify misunderstanding and confusion, and speed up spelling exercises. Some TOEIC vocabularies of this web site provide definitions of 20 languages. 3000 TOEIC Vocabulary is one of them. If your first language is in the 20 languages, you can specify it, and then hint cards will include explanations of this language. Take 3000 TOEIC Vocabulary as example, we show first 3 groups’ links with definitions of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Indonesian respectively. You can use language selector to change current language selection, or set English as unique definition on demand.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Arabic.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Chinese.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Japanese.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Turkish.

3000 TOEIC Vocabulary spelling practice - definition include Indonesian.