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A short story about Boxer in the book Animal Farm, George Orwell.

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 Story about Boxer
In the heart of Manor Farm, there dwelled a figure of unparalleled strength and unwavering loyalty, whose tireless dedication to the cause of Animalism would inspire his fellow creatures and shape the destiny of their revolution. His name was Boxer, a mighty cart-horse with a heart of gold and a motto that echoed through the fields: "I will work harder."

From the moment the animals of Manor Farm rose up against their human oppressors, Boxer was at the forefront of the struggle, his powerful muscles and tireless work ethic driving the revolution forward. With each plow he pulled and each bale of hay he lifted, he embodied the spirit of Animalism, his unwavering devotion to the cause serving as a beacon of hope for all who fought beside him.

But while Boxer's strength and loyalty were unmatched, his intellect was not. Despite his best efforts to understand the complexities of Animalism, he often found himself relying on the guidance of his more intelligent comrades—Snowball, the visionary pig who spoke of a better future, and Squealer, the cunning propagandist who twisted the principles of Animalism to suit his own agenda.

Yet, despite his lack of understanding, Boxer's commitment to the cause never wavered. With each passing day, he toiled tirelessly in the fields, his muscles straining and sweat glistening in the sun as he worked to build a better future for himself and his fellow animals.

And so it was that when Snowball presented plans for the construction of a windmill—a symbol of progress and prosperity—Boxer threw himself into the task with all the fervor and dedication he could muster. Day and night, he labored alongside his comrades, his powerful hooves pounding the earth as they worked to bring Snowball's vision to life.

But as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Boxer began to feel the strain of his labor. His muscles ached, and his joints grew stiff from the long hours spent toiling in the fields. Yet still, he refused to give up, his determination unwavering in the face of adversity.

And so it was that when disaster struck, and the windmill was destroyed by their human adversaries, Boxer vowed to redouble his efforts and rebuild what had been lost. With renewed determination, he threw himself back into the task, his powerful shoulders bearing the weight of the stones and mortar as they worked to erect the windmill once more.

But as the days stretched into weeks, Boxer began to feel the toll of his labor weighing heavily upon him. His muscles grew weak, and his energy waned, yet still he pushed himself to the brink, driven by a sense of duty and obligation that knew no bounds.

And so it was that when Boxer finally collapsed from exhaustion, his body broken and his spirit weary, it seemed as though all hope was lost. Yet even in his darkest hour, his comrades refused to abandon him, carrying him to the infirmary and tending to his wounds with all the care and compassion they could muster.

But despite their best efforts, Boxer's injuries proved too severe, and he passed away in the night, his spirit finally free from the burdens of labor and struggle. And though his body may have been gone, his legacy lived on in the hearts of his fellow animals, a testament to the power of strength, loyalty, and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

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