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A short story about Clover in the book Animal Farm, George Orwell.

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 Story about Clover
In the rolling pastures of Manor Farm, there grazed a mare of gentle spirit and steadfast resolve, whose quiet strength and unwavering compassion would shape the course of the revolution that swept through their midst. Her name was Clover, a motherly figure among the animals, with eyes that spoke of wisdom and a heart that overflowed with love.

From the moment the animals of Manor Farm rose up against their human oppressors, Clover stood as a pillar of strength and resilience, her calm demeanor and steady presence a source of comfort and inspiration to all who fought beside her. With each passing day, she worked tirelessly in the fields, her powerful hooves plowing the earth and her gentle voice soothing the fears of her fellow animals.

But while Clover may have lacked the physical strength of some of her comrades, her inner strength was unmatched. With each obstacle they faced, she remained steadfast in her determination to see the revolution through to its end, her unwavering faith in the principles of Animalism serving as a beacon of hope for all who stood beside her.

And so it was that when Snowball presented plans for the construction of a windmill—a symbol of progress and prosperity—Clover threw herself into the task with all the fervor and dedication she could muster. Day and night, she worked alongside her fellow animals, her gentle nature masking a determination and resilience that knew no bounds.

But as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Clover began to sense that all was not as it seemed on Animal Farm. Though she remained loyal to the cause and steadfast in her commitment to the principles of Animalism, she could not shake the feeling that something was amiss—that the revolution she had fought so hard for was slipping through their grasp.

And so it was that when disaster struck, and the windmill was destroyed by their human adversaries, Clover felt a sense of despair unlike any she had ever known. As she stood amid the rubble, her heart heavy with sorrow, she wondered how they could ever hope to rebuild what had been lost, and whether their dream of a better future was slipping away from them forever.

But even in her darkest hour, Clover refused to abandon hope. With quiet determination, she rallied her fellow animals, urging them to persevere in the face of adversity and to never lose sight of the principles that had inspired their revolution in the first place.

And so it was that when Boxer, the mighty cart-horse whose strength had been the backbone of their labor, finally collapsed from exhaustion, it was Clover who stood by his side, offering comfort and solace in his final moments. And though his passing left a void in their midst, she refused to let his sacrifice be in vain, vowing to carry on his legacy and fight for the future they had all dreamed of.

In the end, it was Clover's quiet strength and unwavering compassion that carried them through the darkest days of their struggle. Though the road ahead was long and fraught with peril, she knew that as long as they remained true to the principles of Animalism and stood united against their oppressors, they would one day achieve the freedom and equality they so desperately sought.

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