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A short story about Piggy in the book Lord of the Flies, William Golding.

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 Story about Piggy
Piggy was a boy unlike any other on the island—a pudgy figure with thick glasses and a wheezing voice, he stood out amidst the chaos and savagery that had consumed the other boys. Though he lacked the physical prowess and charisma of some of his peers, Piggy possessed a keen intellect and a compassionate heart that set him apart from the rest.

From the moment he arrived on the island, Piggy became an unlikely ally to Ralph, the elected leader of the boys. With his logical mind and rational thinking, he served as Ralph's trusted advisor, offering counsel and guidance in their efforts to maintain order and civilization amidst the growing chaos.

But despite his best efforts to assert his authority, Piggy found himself marginalized and ridiculed by the other boys, who saw him as weak and ineffectual. They mocked his appearance, his accent, his very existence, treating him as little more than a nuisance to be ignored or dismissed.

Yet, despite the cruelty and indifference of his peers, Piggy remained resolute in his commitment to the values of reason and compassion. He refused to stoop to their level, clinging to his belief in the power of logic and intellect to overcome the darkness that threatened to engulf them all.

As tensions on the island reached a boiling point and the boys' fragile society began to unravel, Piggy found himself increasingly isolated and alone. With Ralph's authority waning and Jack's influence growing, he became a target for the other boys' frustrations and aggression, his very presence a reminder of their own weaknesses and insecurities.

But even in the face of adversity, Piggy refused to abandon his principles or compromise his values. He stood firm in his belief that there was still hope for redemption, that they could overcome their differences and work together to find a way off the island and back to civilization.

It was this unwavering faith and optimism that ultimately led to Piggy's tragic demise. In a moment of desperation and madness, Jack and his followers launched a brutal assault on Ralph and his supporters, determined to seize control of the island once and for all.

As the chaos unfolded around him, Piggy found himself caught in the crossfire, his pleas for reason and restraint falling on deaf ears. In the end, he was struck down by a falling rock, his life snuffed out in an instant, his glasses shattered and his dreams of a better world shattered along with them.

But even in death, Piggy's legacy lived on—a beacon of reason and compassion in a world gone mad. For though he may have been mocked and marginalized in life, his intellect and integrity had left an indelible mark on those who had known him, a reminder of the power of kindness and empathy in a world too often consumed by darkness and despair.

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