2nd Grade Spelling Words With Definition

Grade 2: With Definition - 7
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 Grade 2: With Definition - 7
copyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a thing made to be similar or identical to another
v. make a similar or identical version of; reproduce
casespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. container of things
n. instance of a disease or an injury
nationspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the territory or country itself
quitespeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. completely, wholly, or entirely
ad. to some degree; fairly
typespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a category of things having common characteristics
v. write on a computer by pressing the keys
themselvesspeak speak spelling word quiz 
pron. an emphatic form of them or they
temperaturespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment
brightspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. full of light; shining
a. full of life; cheerful; happy
leadspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. go before or with to show the way
n. position in advance of others
everyonespeak speak spelling word quiz 
pron. every person; everybody
methodspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a way of doing something
sectionspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a part that is cut off or separated
lakespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a body of water surrounded by land
ironspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a strong, hard magnetic silvery-gray metal
a. stern; harsh; cruel
withinspeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. inside; indoors
prep. in the course or period of, as in time
dictionaryspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information
hairspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. any of the threadlike strands growing from the skin
n. a very small amount, degree, as of time or space
agespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed
n. a certain time in history
amountspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the sum total of two or more quantities
n. a sum of money
scalespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a balance or any of various other instruments or devices for weighing
v. weigh
poundspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a unit of weight in general use equal to 16 oz, 0.4536 kg
v. strike heavily and repeatedly
althoughspeak speak spelling word quiz 
conj. in spite of the fact that; even though
perspeak speak spelling word quiz 
prep. for each; for every
ad. each; for each one
brokenspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. violently separated into small pieces;damaged
v. (past participle) cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock
momentspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. an indefinitely short period of time; instant
n. the present time or any other particular time
tinyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. very small
possiblespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. able to be done
a. may be true or may be the case
goldspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. precious yellow metal used for making coins, ornaments, jewelry, etc
quietspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. making little or no noise
v. make or become silent, calm, or still
naturalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. of or being what exists or happens ordinarily in the world
lotspeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. a great deal; much
n. very much
actspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. do something
n. anything done; performance
buildspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. make or construct something by putting parts or material together
n. shape and size of the human body
middlespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the position at an equal distance from the sides
a. in or nearly in the center
speedspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. full rate of motion
v. move quickly
countspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. add up
n. calculation
consonantspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a speech sound that is not a vowel
a. in agreement