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Reading Comprehension Questions (Set 10)

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Questions 1 to 5 below are based on this passage:

Questions 6 to 10 below are based on this passage:

Since the most prehistoric times India has been not only occasionally attacked by voracious hordes, but also visited by tradesmen and explorers, researchers and tourists. Some of them have printed books. The books of these writers became all the more significant because there were not too many of them, and they have served as prosperous sources of the historians. It is particularly in this background that surveillance provided by the grand Chinese writer Hiuen Tsand became very applicable. Already in the 7th century, Buddhism was an influential enlightening force amongst the sophisticated classes of China. It was universal for Chinese pilgrims to come to India, the native land of the Buddha, to pay their respects to the founder in their religion. Perhaps the most famous of them all was this gengle observer who has studied and travelled extensively in China before entering the Indian subcontinent. Being both scholar and sophisticated, he was not given to easy praise. With in India itself he travelled desserts and climbed mountains, stayed in villages and lived in capitals, practiced in monasteries and studied in universities and spent time in some royal courts as well.
He went to Mathura and Ayodhya, to Prayag and Patliputra, to Gaya and Kamarupa. He premeditated Sanskrit and Pali to research more into Buddhist philosophy and Hindu society. Most significant of all, he wrote down in detail his many practices and impressions.

According to a few economists swadeshi does not mean insulating India’s financial system from the world economy. The fundamental thought of swadeshi is to have all the segments which enabled to complete with the best in the world after going through extreme internal rivalry leading to amalgamation, acquisitions and purging. This is how Japan has urbanized its industry and the whole economy. However, under the current world circumstances and the requirement of migrating circumstances of scarcity in the country, the government has to make a decision as to how much of free of charge trade is to be permitted in the different sections of financial system in order to attain the rate of development planned for the financial system through the period of Ninth plan. All over the world, our nation has been found to be divided on crucial question of defense and free trade. A latest study has found that the protectionist in the world outnumber free buyers and showing more increase in their number.

The research has been made for The Economist by the Augus-Reild assembly, a Canadian pollster. It is based on a view poll approved among 12.750 adults spread over 23 vital countries of the world. The main important question asked in the poll was to which of the next two approaches do you consider would be the finest way to progress the economic and service situation in this country:
(a)Defending our local industries by checking imports
(b)Removing imports checking to raise our worldwide trade

Reply received to this question showed that:
(1)Protectionist global outnumber free traders is: 47% to 42%
(2)Percentage of people supporting free of charge trade has reduced from 43% in 1997 to 42% in 1998

In 14 out of the 22 countries, protectionists have outnumbered the free of charge traders and another four countries had revealed a fall in the number of the buyers, which means a swing towards protectionism. The development for a fall in the number of free of charge traders and a increase in the number of protectionists has been called as astonishing in the research because it has revealed a harmful result for the astonishing global efforts of the WTO, The World Bank, the IMF and the most powerful G-7 countries for the propagation and promotion of free trade and globalization in the world. It is interesting to note that America, Australia, UK, Canada and Italy, who are strong champions of free trade in the world, have a large majority of their own people still supporting protection. The study says: A clear majority of Americans 56% to 37% are protectionist even today. And over the past one year the number of free traders in America had declined by 5%. Such decline was much higher in Italy 22%, Canada 14% and UK 15%.

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1. Which of the subsequent has been regarded as the real involvement of Hiuen Tsang?

ExerciseHe pointed out the collision of Hinduism on Buddhism

ExerciseHe scrupulously recorded his knowledge and feelings

ExerciseHe prejudiced elites to China to visit India

ExerciseHe visited and spent time in several places in India

ExerciseHe loyally wrote about the invaders who assaulted India in the past

2. Why the writing of prehistoric writers is measured as very significant?

ExerciseThey are printed by renowned people

ExerciseWe get an account about the reason of the attackers

ExerciseThey have studied and travelled comprehensively

ExerciseThey are amongst the few sources of chronological significance

ExerciseIt gives quintessence of Buddhists beliefs and Hindu belief

3. The writing of Hiuen Tsang emerge to be purpose because

ExerciseHe had visited China and could evaluate it with India

ExerciseHe was mainly a historian

ExerciseOf pressure of Buddhist viewpoint

ExerciseHe was learned and refined

ExerciseNone of the above

4. Why did Hiuen Tsang study Sanskrit and Pali?

ExerciseTo converse with neighboring people

ExerciseTo write his autobiography in these languages

ExerciseTo interpret writing from Chinese into these languages

ExerciseTo educate this language in China

ExerciseNone of the above

5. Why the writings of Hiuen Tsang are regarded as appropriate?

ExerciseHe had spent a little time in some noble courts

ExerciseHe was a kind spectator

ExerciseHe visited India as dealer and tourist

ExerciseHe had travelled to several Asian countries

ExerciseNone of the above

6. What according to the author is amazing as per the report of the study?

ExerciseDecrease in the number of protectionist

ExerciseIncrease and decrease in the numbers of protectionist and free traders respectively

ExerciseThe trend for increase in the number of free traders

ExerciseThe inconclusive finds of survey

ExerciseNone of the above

7. It can be inferred from the last paragraph of the last passage that

ExerciseMost of the people in the countries who are champions of free trade are in favor of free trade

ExerciseThere is a swing of public opinion in favor of free trade

ExerciseResults of protectionism are not positive

ExerciseAdvocates of free trade are gradually outnumbering protectionists

ExerciseNone of the above

8. The author suggest the government to

ExerciseGive a preferential treatment to local industries

ExerciseJudiciously decide the extents of protection and free trade

ExerciseMitigate conditions of poverty in the country

ExerciseAllow free trade without restriction

ExerciseNone of the above

9. The study undertaken by Augus Reild group was with a view to find out

Exercise(a)How people know different countries differ an economic issues (b) The implication of restricting imports (c) Various measures to improve the economic situation (d) The result of increase in international trade (e) Viewpoint of people on free trade versus protectionism Answer (e)

ExerciseThe implication of restricting imports

ExerciseVarious measures to improve the economic situation

ExerciseThe result of increase in international trade

ExerciseViewpoint of people on free trade versus protectionism

10. The credit of Japan’s industrial and economic development goes to the strategy of

ExerciseMerging its industries with those of foreign players

ExerciseIsolating its own economy from the world economy

ExerciseElimination of loss making industries and acquisition of profit making ones

ExerciseEffectively facing internal and external economic competition

ExerciseNone of the above