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Reading Comprehension Questions (Set 9)

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Questions 1 to 5 below are based on this passage:

Questions 6 to 10 below are based on this passage:

Though cynics like to see the government’s strategy for women in terms of the party’s inner power efforts, it will, on the other hand be impolite to reject that it symbolized a revolutionary effort designed at bringing about sweeping social improvements. In its language a scope of understanding of woman requirements, which is uncommon in government pronouncements? This is due in large part to the participatory procedure that marked its formulation, looking for the active participation right from the start of women’s groups, educational institution and non-government association with grass roots knowledge. The consequence is not just a haughty announcement of principles but a blueprint of a sensible programmed of action. The strategy delineates a sequence of existing measures to deal women a choice making role in the political area and greater power over their economic position. Of especially far reaching contact are the decentralization of control of financial communications to women, notably at the gram panchayat level, and the improvement planned in the Hindu progression Act of 1956 to give women coparceners their rights.

A progressive aspect of the policy is its gratitude that actual modify in the position of women cannot be brought about by the simple ratification of socially progressive legislation. As a result, it focuses on reorienting growth programmer and sensitizing management to address precise situations, as for example, the rising number of family headed by women, which is a result of rural and urban relocation. The proposal to generate an equal prospect police force and give women better control of police station is an acknowledgement of the bias and callousness displayed by the usually all male commandment enforcement authorities in cases of household violence. While the mere enunciation of such a strategy has the useful effect of sensitizing the management as a whole, it does not make the job of its execution any easier. This is because the changes it predicts in the political and financial status of a woman strike at the root of power arrangement in the society and the basis of man woman connection. There is also the danger that reservation of women in civic life, while necessary of their greater visibility, could tumble into tokenism or become a means in the hands of vote seeking politicians. Much will depend on the propagation of the strategy and the ability of the chosen representatives and government organization to reorder their priority.

A leading Indian manufacturer in a current article one ways to reinforce India’s economy has drained notice to the tribulations of price rises and industrial illness among other things. One of the major reasons for industrial illness in our country has been the truth that the business and manufacturing managers, have not been able to look further than the instantaneous future. They have been too anxious with their effort to report positive results for the recent year, higher income and larger payment to the share holders. The preparation horizon has barely over exceeded five years. Savings have been insufficient for new plants and towards diversification and development, transformation and benefit creation has badly lagged behind.

In business, development is required for endurance; one has to develop if one does not desire to be wiped out. This is mainly right today with liberalization of importation and increasing antagonism. Moreover, growth and higher competence create service and higher service creates better markets both for manufacturing and consumers goods. It was Henry ford who brought home the requirement for the formation of a better and a steadier middle class that is a better number of people who can have enough money more and more of goods and services. Even after forty years of sovereignty our manufacturers have not been able to shack the petty shopkeeper’s state of mind and our highly knowledgeable management has tagged along joyfully and without worry.

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1. According to the passage, which of the following feature has been recognized as, it alone would not bring change in the position of women?

ExerciseCoparcenary rights of women

ExerciseJudgment making role in political area

ExerciseEnactment of socially progressive legislation

ExerciseGreater control over financial status

ExerciseCreating equal prospect in police force

2. According to the comprehension, which of the following is a consequence of rural and urban migration?

ExerciseGrowth programs are not effective

ExerciseLegislation is not enforced properly

ExerciseIndustries do not get adequate man power in rural areas

ExerciseMany women voyage to urban areas leaving their family in the rural areas

ExerciseNone of the above

3. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?

ExerciseDomestic violence is on the rise

ExerciseWomen already have coparcenaries rights

ExerciseThere is a need for stricter legislation

ExerciseMost of the government policies are formulated through participatory process

ExerciseThe policy recommends reservation for women

4. According to the comprehension which of the following is not correct?

ExerciseThe policy gives a blueprint for program me of action

ExerciseFor effective implementation, the government agencies will have to reorder their priorities

ExerciseThere is no law enforcement bias in cases of domestic violence

ExerciseThe woman should be given greater control of police stations

ExerciseThe policy based on the perceptive of the requirements of women

5. Which of the following is true about the policy?

ExerciseIn its formulation participatory loom was not followed

ExerciseThis is a new assertion by the government

ExerciseIt has made several big announcement

ExerciseIt is a revolutionary effort

ExerciseIt is not based on perceptive of women requirements

6. According to the comprehension, development and rising production lead to

ExerciseUnequal superfluous of supplies

ExerciseService and thus offer an opening to manufacturing and purchaser products

ExerciseSupport to sell to other countries of surplus customer goods

ExerciseObligation of constraint on importation

ExerciseNone of the above

7. Why did Henry Ford pressurize the requirements for a steadier middle class?

ExerciseMiddle class people are generally service tilting

ExercisePeople in that class can have enough money to buy more and more luxurious goods

ExerciseMiddle class people are most wobbly

ExerciseMiddle class people do not have shopkeeper state of mind

ExerciseNone of the above

8. The planning horizon has barely ever exceeded five years implies

Exerciselanning should take care of all likely ups and downs in the next five-year time

ExercisePlanning must not be for a time of less than five years

ExerciseFive year period is too short for successful implementation of plans

ExerciseThe planning procedure is very time consuming

ExerciseThe planners are not prone to think of upcoming

9. In order to develop the situation of Indian industries, the entrepreneur should do all of the following apart from

Exerciseiving up the narrow state of mind which very small shopkeepers usually have

ExerciseAdopting policies for diversification and transformation

ExerciseCheering antagonism from industrialists with in the country and from overseas

ExerciseResorting to long term planning for industrial development and growth in varied fields

ExerciseDetermined to make long term profits

10. Which of the following shortcoming of Indian manufacturer has been pointed by the author of the comprehension?

ExerciseThey are less worried for expense of payments to shareholders

ExerciseThey spend irrational high sum on diversification and development

ExerciseThey are unwilling to preserve the storekeeper state of mind

ExerciseThey are more worried for instant net growth than for development activities

ExerciseNone of the above