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Read [Esc] (1)  
lead forth; reach a conclusion by reasoning; trace the origin or derivation of

Spelling Word: deduce
Read [Esc] (2)  
v. Syn. delay; postpone
delay till later; put off; hold back to a later time

Spelling Word: defer
Read [Esc] (3)  
v. Syn. portray; describe
represent in a picture or sculpture; portray in words; describe

Spelling Word: depict
Read [Esc] (4)  
a. Syn. sad; gloomy
sad; gloomy; low in spirits; dejected

Spelling Word: depressed
Read [Esc] (5)  
n. Syn. devise
act of working out the form of something; creation of something in the mind; formulate a plan for

Spelling Word: design
Read [Esc] (6)  
act of removing from office or employment

Spelling Word: displacement
Read [Esc] (7)  
prepared; inclined; be ready; being particular condition of body or of health

Spelling Word: disposed
Read [Esc] (8)  
n. Syn. contrast; discrimination
excellence or eminence; note or mark of difference

Spelling Word: distinction
Read [Esc] (9)  
building or house, especially as great hall, church, or temple; anything shaped like cupola

Spelling Word: dome
Read [Esc] (10)  
free from fear or suspicion; very probably, in all likelihood; doubtlessly

Spelling Word: doubtless