List 1 for 8th Grade SOCIAL

Middle School Words: List 1 for 8th Grade SOCIAL, all words of the list are in one page. You can download and print the worksheet from your browser directly.
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 Worksheet - Middle School Words: List 1 for 8th Grade SOCIAL

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Middle School Words: List 1 for 8th Grade SOCIAL

checks and balanceschronological
Civil Warconsent of the governed
continental congressescotton gin
due processeconomic plan
federal governmentfederalism
financefounding fathers
frontierGettysburg Address
Indian removalinflation
Jacksonian DemocracyMonroe Doctrine
Northern statesnullification
plantation systempolitical parties
popular sovereigntyPresidential election
propagandaprotective tariff
Reconstructionreform movements
Second Great Awakeningseparation of powers
social classesSouthern states
Supreme Courtterritorial acquisition
three branches of governmenttrial by jury
unionutopian community
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