By Pacific Lava

Make SAT Vocabulary Flashcard

If You are used to rely on flashcards to study new words, you probably are desperate to look for SAT vocabulary flashcards because the test day is coming nearer and nearer. Either online or offline, it's hard to find out a set of flashcards that is exactly proper for your level or your circumstance. For most of students the search result is unfortunate and disappointing, because each student has own goal in future SAT test and existing vocabulary level, it is difficult to get a set of SAT flashcard in market that happens to match with someone's situation.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a set of SAT vocabulary flashcard that matches with your requirement, you may save much of time. If you cannot get satisfied SAT word flashcards, don't worry. This website offers you a flexible way to produce and print own flashcard based on various SAT vocabulary resources.

Print SAT flashcard at this site is relatively simple. At first, you can print 2 types of flashcard: one side and 2 sides. One side flashcard shows word and definition in same side; as for 2 sides flashcard, word and definition are in separate side. At print SAT flashcard page, if you want to print flashcards of current page, just click Print. Every page hosts 10 words in one side mode. If in two sides mode, every page has 5 words. Almost each group has more than 10 words, Namely, each group consists of multiple pages. If you want to go to other pages, click Page to get an overlay that will popup to show all available pages, and then you can choose other page to print flashcards of other words.

Let take the shortest list as example to show how to print SAT flashcard.

For instance, 100 Most Common SAT Vocabulary has only one group, for one side flash card there are 9 pages, and for two side flashcard there are 18 pages. we show 2 SAT flashcard links for one side and two sides respectively.

This website provides separate word lists, anyone of them can be used to make flashcard. Because you can customize the actual set of flashcard, we suggest you choose a large list to work. Usually large list covers small ones. For example, 3600 SAT Vocabulary List is a good word list to make flashcard. It's a word list of 3600 and meet with high score hunters. The all words are categorized in 8 groups. We show links of one side SAT flashcard for each group's first page. To print two sides flashcard or words in other pages, you can negotiate with related buttons. For this list, initially you just see words, the definitions are shown after you click Look Up button. However, when producing flashcard, the definitions will be retrieved automatically.

3600 SAT Vocabulary List's flashcard.

3000 Most Common SAT Words is another excellent list to make your own SAT flashcard. You can include examples in flashcards, which are great asset to help you understand new words. Besides, some SAT test takers are ESL student. They hope show definition of native language in flashcard, which help them to save time and get clear explanation of word. For 3000 Most Common SAT Words, 20 languages are available to let students to make SAT word flashcard with home language. E.g, we show links of two side flashcard with Russian definitions for this list. All links are for first page of group, as long as you get there by links, you can change language or page on demand. (The whole list has 20 groups, we just show first 6 groups.)

3000 Most Common SAT Words' flashcard with Russian.