Download Customized TOEFL Vocabulary PDF

 By Amy Bush Cy

Download Customized TOEFL Vocabulary PDF

1. Download Existing TOEFL Vocabulary PDF
Enhance TOEFL vocabulary is the toughest job for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students to prepare TOEFL test. Many of them have to spend months or even years to accumulate English words. PDF is a common format and popular in some situations to list TOEFL vocabulary.

You possibly want to download a TOEFL vocabulary PDF file to study. because you want to print the words or your device just support PDF format. No matter what reason drives you to PDF, you may find some candidates lists through Google search, and choose one met with your circumstance to download.

For those who are hurry to kick off building TOEFL vocabulary immediately, we suggest to start from a relatively small vocabulary. After a few days' work, you possibly can make a right decision: go ahead or adjust. Even if you give up current vocabulary completely, it only costs little time and effort.

At the website, we indeed prepare a small TOEFL word list PDF for the scenario: TOEFL 1200 Words in 30 Days. It contains fundamental words for most of TOEFL test takers. This TOEFL vocabulary PDF is free to download.

TOEFL 1200 Words in 30 Days

Below are other available TOEFL vocabulary PDF files made by the website in advance, some need VIP account to download.

5000 TOEFL Vocabulary List
If you are ESL (English as Second Language) and mother language is Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Urdu, or Arabic, these PDF files of IELTS academic vocabulary are deserved to have a look. The 4000 words list is also fit to TOEFL test takers.
4000 IELTS Academic Words List
Besides PDF, you can buy TOEFL vocabulary Ebooks in other formats from many marketplaces, such as:However, not everyone can download an existing TOEFL vocabulary PDF that is efficient to study vocabulary. Either too easy or too difficult may waste your time. In this case, customize an own TOEFL vocabulary PDF is a right option.

2. Customize Own TOEFL Vocabulary PDF
If the TOEFL vocabulary PDF files downloaded from Internet are far away from your expectation, you disappoint and frustrate after trying repeatedly. In fact, vocabulary building is a very personalized job. Different people have different start points and goals so that they need separate vocabularies.

It's hard to get an existing TOEFL vocabulary PDF that is exactly matched with your requirement. For example, if it's too simple, lots of known words waste your time; reversely, you possibly miss some higher frequency but easier words. This is why we encourage to create own TOEFL vocabulary PDF. It sounds complicated but definitely feasible.

Here we introduce a solution to customize and download TOEFL vocabulary PDF file, which just contains words you want to study or review. This PDF 100 percent meets with your requirement: word, definition, example, and even explanation of mother language. It will definitely maximize your effort in TOEFL vocabulary studying.

The actual steps are very straight and easy. We offers 7 TOEFL vocabularies in this website as initial source of new PDF. The core steps are as:

  1. You should select a word list that closes to your circumstance as possible.
  2. Copy content, word, definition, and whatever you like to an editor, e.g. MS Word; you may want to delete useless content or edit existing content somehow.
  3. After the content and format both are ready, convert to PDF file with an online tool.
  4. The Last step everyone can guess, download when PDF file is produced.
Finally your customized TOEFL vocabulary PDF is available to study.

You may concern if the copy and paste bring any copyright issue. The basic principle is that if your copying is just for your studying and you don't share copied content in any format with others, the copying is permitted from this website.

Theoretically you can also customize PDF based on vocabularies of other sources with same method, only if the source doesn't bring up copyright issue.

3. steps to Make TOEFL Vocabulary PDF
As an example, We take TOEFL Word List 1600 of the website to show how to make customized TOEFL vocabulary PDF file. TOEFL Word List 1600 is a large size and middle difficulty vocabulary with multiple language definitions. It has totally 3 groups. We take first group with Chinese definition to demonstrate the steps of how to make and download a vocabulary PDF file.

TOEFL Word List 1600 is categorized into 3 groups, the web pages with Chinese definitions shown as following:
Open the first group; copy its content, namely words and explanations, to MS Word or other editors, edit on demand, and then save your working.

The next step is to convert MS Word file, or any other format file you just saved, to PDF file. From Internet it's easy to get a number of free tools to do this conversion: from MS Word to PDF, from txt to PDF, or from other format to PDF. We suggest to do the conversion by free online resources, such as:
The rest things are as instructions of online PDF converter: upload your edited/saved file; then, after the PDF file is produced you can download it. In our example, we uploaded the saved txt file to and trigger converting.

In addition, Google Drive is a handy tool to convert txt to PDF format. If you are familiar with it, don't hesitate to leverage it.

4. Download Free TOEFL Vocabulary PDF
By steps of section 3, a personalized TOEFL vocabulary PDF is completed without costing a penny. Although spending some time and effort, you indeed customize a own TOEFL vocabulary PDF. Repeat same procedure, you can revise content, make and download new PDF easily and quickly.

We uploaded the demo PDF file, which was downloaded from, to this website, it was by TOEFL Word List 1600 (Group 1) with Chinese definitions. You can Download TOEFL PDF to preview.