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Resources to Build TOEFL Vocabulary

1. Overview
TOEFL IBT isn't an easy exam for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. Usually you have to master 10000+ words to get a good score. At this website we collect and maintain several popular TOEFL word lists in different levels, some of them are with new definitions, examples, and exercises.

We all know TOEFL IBT isn't just vocabulary test. It has 4 sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. But vocabulary is the fundamental factor in all English skills. You cannot expect to have an excellent score in any English exams with a poor size of vocabulary. As for EFL test takers, vocabulary level even plays a more important part in English skills. TOEFL exam is in this case.

Some TOEFL test takers have to spend lots of time to study new words and review known ones. Building vocabulary is one of the heaviest jobs in preparing TOEFL exam.

2. TOEFL Vocabulary List
TOEFL vocabulary isn't a clear academic concept and never has a proper definition. What is TOEFL vocabulary? No one can answer confidently, even the organizer of TOEFL. In general, we circle words as TOEFL vocabulary, just because they occurred in TOEFL exam papers before, or highly matter with topics that are usually in TOEFL exam papers.

It means TOEFL vocabulary isn't an absolute set. In fact, TOEFL test takers usually work with own word list to build vocabulary, because different start points and different test goals need different word lists. 7 word lists are available here and we hope some may meet with your requirement.

5000 TOEFL Vocabulary List:  This is a full and quick list for TOEFL test takers. It isn't designed for study new word: initially, only words are listed and no definitions in order to review TOEFL vocabulary as quickly as possible. If you want to get definition, click the lookup button on demand. The proven TOEFL vocabulary list is a simple and convenient tool to prepare test in fast paces.  Enter

TOEFL Word List 1600:  This list is extremely important in TOEFL reading test, especially for high score hunters. The middle size TOEFL word list is 2 weeks' task to review and study in general. Some may finish in less than one week. It has explanations with 20 non-English languages.  Enter

100 TOEFL Sample Words:  This is the shortest vocabulary in the web site to offer a sample set of TOEFL words. Here sample means that the 100 words are selected from official sample test papers and represent a must-have vocabulary level of TOEFL. It is a quick list to evaluate your TOEFL vocabulary skill.  Enter

TOEFL Writing Vocabulary:  The small TOEFL vocabulary consists of 6 groups, simple and useful for writing test. These words are basically selected to enhance writing skill. You had better try to spell them correctly rather than just know them, and own the list as an important asset in your TOEFL writing test.  Enter

TOEFL Words with Synonyms:  This list has 600 TOEFL words, which are initially from an ESL student help web page of IOWA S. Univ. We added new definitions, synonyms, extra definitions in 20 languages to the list. It is a middle size and ESL friendly TOEFL words list for reading test.  Enter

500 Basic TOEFL Vocab:  Are you looking for a small word list for TOEFL test? This basic TOEFL vocab is in multiple websites and flashcards and exercises use it as source. We present them here and revise some with new definitions. All words are organized into 3 groups.  Enter

TOEFL Vocabulary and Example:  This is a set of difficult TOEFL words. We collected examples from real and alive English media. This hard TOEFL vocabulary not only shows you word and definition, but also sentence and usage. Never miss it!  Enter

2. TOEFL Vocabulary App
Web app is new tool to prepare TOEFL vocabulary. Considering diverse requirements, we develop some apps for various TOEFL vocabulary builders. Here introduce 3 of them.

TOEFL Vocabulary Test Online:  It is a very popular online tool to evaluate TOEFL vocabulary. Before you plan to study TOEFL words, you probably want to know own current level. If so, this app is fit to you. It makes quizzes based on a set of 1000 TOEFL words and offers interactive online test to evaluate your TOEFL vocabulary level.  Enter

5000 TOEFL Words in 120 Days:  The popular TOEFL vocabulary building app has more than 10 thousands users. It is built-in with a full TOEFL vocabulary. If you just want to have a middle score, leverage this app to spend one month on a proven TOEFL word list is a reasonable option.  Enter

Hard TOEFL Words:  This app includes a hard TOEFL word list and is for test takers who are aiming to apply for top universities. High score hunters must prepare hard words before real TOEFL exam. The app is designed for them.  Enter

3. TOEFL Vocabulary Exercise
Exercises or practices are extremely important for some students to prepare and accumulate TOEFL words. Here we introduce 4 hot practice and study resources in the web site to enhance your TOEFL vocabulary skill.

Download TOEFL Vocabulary PDF:  You may experience frustration when you try to download a TOEFL vocabulary PDF file from Internet. It's not easy to get an existing PDF that matches with your requirement exactly. Here we show you how to make own personalized TOEFL vocabulary PDF file through free online resources.  Enter

TOEFL Spelling Quiz for Writing Test:  In this web site, we offer spelling quiz for each word in all TOEFL vocabularies. Spelling is essential skill in TOEFL writing test. You may not spell every word in TOEFL vocabulary; but you have to spell some of them, because you must have a set of words that can express ideas in writing test.  Enter

Personalized TOEFL Flashcards:  Some TOEFL test takers used to study new words by flashcards. If you are one of them, you can make own flashcards by using the fantastic features of this web site. Basically, we offer two common flashcards styles: one-sided and double-sided. You can customize own flashcards in minutes.  Enter

TOEFL Single Choice Word Question:  This is a common feature for all TOEFL word lists in this web site. It is an efficient way to review known words. A single choice word question is to match a word to 4 possible definitions. It's an online and interactive practice. The page will highlight the right answer as long as you select it.  Enter