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This Words for the Day webpage helps grade 11 students learn words at their levels efficiently. In addition to showing words of the current day, the page also has words of the recent 15 or 50 days to review. It's a handy app for 11th-grade students to get words and their meanings, examples, and context sources.

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Specified Day: 2024-07-19

There is no new word today!
Every weekend, the first day of each month, winter break (Dec 23 to Jan 6), and summer (part of July and all of August) are word-free days.
Today has no new words, but you can review the recent ones from 2024-07-19.

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Words of the recent 15 days
2024-07-12   (Back to the Day)
  whetstone   speakExamples  
n. a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives
2024-07-11   (Back to the Day)
  viaduct   speakExamples  
n. bridge consisting of a series of arches supported by piers used to carry a road or railroad over a valley
  vivisection   speakExamples  
n. the act of operating on living animals, especially in scientific research
  welterweight   speakExamples  
n. an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 148 pounds
2024-07-10   (Back to the Day)
  uproot   speakExamples  
v. pull up; displace; destroy completely, as if down to the roots; eradicate
  veer   speakExamples  
v. shift to clockwise direction; turn sharply; change direction abruptly
2024-07-09   (Back to the Day)
  undergarment   speakExamples  
n. a garment worn under other garments
  undersized   speakExamples  
a. smaller than normal for its kind
  upheave   speakExamples  
v. lift forcefully from beneath
2024-07-08   (Back to the Day)
  thesaurus   speakExamples  
n. book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms
  toil   speakExamples  
n. exhausting labor or effort; any thread, web, or string spread for taking prey
2024-07-05   (Back to the Day)
  tattletale   speakExamples  
n. someone who gossips indiscreetly
  telepathy   speakExamples  
n. apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions
2024-07-04   (Back to the Day)
  stagy   speakExamples  
a. having characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality
  stamina   speakExamples  
n. physical or moral strength to resist or withstand illness; enduring strength and energy
  summarize   speakExamples  
v. give a brief statement of the main points of something
2024-07-03   (Back to the Day)
  spendthrift   speakExamples  
n. one who spends money recklessly or wastefully
  stagnate   speakExamples  
v. be idle; exist in a changeless situation; stand still; cease to flow; stand without moving
2024-07-02   (Back to the Day)
  serviette   speakExamples  
n. a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing
  skittish   speakExamples  
a. unpredictably excitable, especially of horses
  sleuth   speakExamples  
v. watch, observe, or inquire secretly
2024-06-28   (Back to the Day)
  scrawny   speakExamples  
a. being very thin; inferior in size or quality
  segregation   speakExamples  
n. a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
2024-06-27   (Back to the Day)
  reverberate   speakExamples  
v. to throw or bend back, from a surface; ring or echo with sound; spring back; spring away from an impact
  revile   speakExamples  
v. attack with abusive language; vilify
  rigmarole   speakExamples  
n. a long and complicated and confusing procedure
2024-06-26   (Back to the Day)
  restrictive   speakExamples  
a. tending or serving to restrict; limiting; confining
  resurgence   speakExamples  
n. bringing again into activity and prominence
2024-06-25   (Back to the Day)
  rehabilitate   speakExamples  
v. restore to proper condition; help to re-adapt, as to former state of health or good repute
  remunerate   speakExamples  
v. make payment to; compensate
  resplendent   speakExamples  
a. dazzling; glorious; shining with brilliant luster; very bright
2024-06-24   (Back to the Day)
  rapier   speakExamples  
n. a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges
  raucously   speakExamples  
ad. in a rowdy manner; with a raucous sound
2024-06-21   (Back to the Day)
  perpetuity   speakExamples  
n. the property of being perpetual, seemingly ceaseless
  privation   speakExamples  
n. hardship; state of extreme poverty
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University of Arkansas
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