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To help grade 9 students learn words at their levels efficiently, in addition to showing words of the day, the page also has words of recent 15 or 50 days to review. It's a handy app for grade 9 students to get words and their meanings, examples, and context sources.
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 Word of the Day for Grade 9
Specified Day: 2024-04-24
retrievespeak speak spelling sentences 
v. recover; find and bring in; get back
He bent suddenly to retrieve his hat and she had one glimpse of his face.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XV
Mellors pushed steadily behind, and up she went, as if to retrieve herself.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 13
Every time she bent over to retrieve them, the hem of the dress fell in the mud.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXXV
scufflespeak speak spelling sentences 
v. shuffle; fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters; wrestle in a rough fashion
His whole existence was a scuffle.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 48. DOMESTIC
I heard oaths and the confused sounds of a scuffle.
A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle
The youth and his friend had a small scuffle over the flag.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 20
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2024-04-23   (Back to the Day)
  reinforce   speakExamples  
v. give more force or effectiveness to; strengthen; enhance
  stuffy   speakExamples  
a. stout; lacking sufficient ventilation; close; dull and boring
  sift   speakExamples  
v. separate with a sieve, as the fine part of a substance from the course; examine critically or minutely; scrutinize
2024-04-22   (Back to the Day)
  canary   speakExamples  
n. pale yellowish color; wine made in the Canary Islands; canary bird; quick and lively dance
  impede   speakExamples  
v. hinder; charge with improper conduct; challenge validity of; try to discredit
2024-04-19   (Back to the Day)
  fuse   speakExamples  
v. combine; blend; become plastic or fluid or liquefied from heat
  rampant   speakExamples  
a. unrestrained and violent; occurring without restraint
2024-04-18   (Back to the Day)
  discard   speakExamples  
v. throw out something from one's hand; get rid of
  oligarchy   speakExamples  
n. government by a few persons, especially by a small faction of persons or families
  shred   speakExamples  
n. a small amount; a long, narrow piece cut or torn off; long irregular strip that is cut or torn off
2024-04-17   (Back to the Day)
  tentative   speakExamples  
a. hesitant; not fully worked out or developed; experimental; not definite or positive
  baffle   speakExamples  
v. frustrate as by confusing or perplexing; impede force or movement of
2024-04-16   (Back to the Day)
  agile   speakExamples  
a. moving quickly and lightly; mentally quick
  stench   speakExamples  
n. strong, foul odor; stink; foul quality; offensive odor
  prodigy   speakExamples  
n. person with exceptional talents or powers; wonder
2024-04-15   (Back to the Day)
  imperturbable   speakExamples  
a. unshakably calm; placid; incapable of being disturbed or disconcerted
  babble   speakExamples  
v. talk foolishly or idly; utter meaningless confusion of words or sounds
2024-04-12   (Back to the Day)
  rigor   speakExamples  
n. strictness or severity, as in temperament, action, or judgment; something hard to endure
  coincide   speakExamples  
v. occur at the same time as; correspond
2024-04-11   (Back to the Day)
  approximate   speakExamples  
v. come close or be similar to something in quality, nature, or quantity; come near
  outstanding   speakExamples  
a. distinguished from others in excellence
  drab   speakExamples  
a. dull; lacking color; lacking in liveliness, charm, or surprise
2024-04-10   (Back to the Day)
  ostrich   speakExamples  
n. large bird of the genus Struthio
  fraudulent   speakExamples  
a. cheating; deceitful; planning or using fraud; given to practice of fraud
2024-04-09   (Back to the Day)
  visual   speakExamples  
a. seen or able to be seen by the eye; visible; optical
  fluent   speakExamples  
a. easy and graceful in shape; graceful; smooth and unconstrained in movement
  brittle   speakExamples  
a. easily broken; having little elasticity
2024-04-08   (Back to the Day)
  elude   speakExamples  
v. avoid cleverly; escape perception of
  fiber   speakExamples  
n. slender, elongated, threadlike object or structure; material to make paper or cloth
2024-04-05   (Back to the Day)
  recount   speakExamples  
v. narrate or tell; count over again
  raillery   speakExamples  
n. pleasantry or slight satire; banter; jesting language; satirical merriment
2024-04-04   (Back to the Day)
  progeny   speakExamples  
n. one derived from another; offspring or descendant; result of creative effort, as product
  revolve   speakExamples  
v. turn or roll round on, or as on, an axis, like a wheel; rotate; move in curved path round a center; pass in cycles
  endanger   speakExamples  
v. threaten; jeopardize; do something that may damage it or destroy it
2024-04-03   (Back to the Day)
  sanitary   speakExamples  
a. relating to health or the protection of health
  duplicate   speakExamples  
n. one that corresponds exactly to another, especially an original; identical copy; facsimile
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