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Read [Esc] (1)  
make laws; create or pass laws

Spelling Word: legislate
Read [Esc] (2)  
v. Syn. responsible; answerable
bound or obliged in law or equity

Spelling Word: liable
Read [Esc] (3)  
vessel belonging to a regular line of packets, as ship or plane

Spelling Word: liner
Read [Esc] (4)  
v. Syn. dawdle
be slow in leaving; continue or persist; stay

Spelling Word: linger
Read [Esc] (5)  
pertaining to the moon; affecting the moon

Spelling Word: lunar
Read [Esc] (6)  
civil officer with power to administer and enforce law

Spelling Word: magistrate
Read [Esc] (7)  
plan for attaining a particular goal; deliberate coordinated movement; strategy

Spelling Word: maneuver
Read [Esc] (8)  
n. Syn. medium; television; newspaper
public institutions that report the news, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television

Spelling Word: media
Read [Esc] (9)  
n. Syn. goods
objects for sale; goods

Spelling Word: merchandise
Read [Esc] (10)  
one who traffics on a large scale, especially with foreign countries; trafficker; trader

Spelling Word: merchant