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Grade 11: Quiz Card - 3
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 Grade 11: Quiz Card - 3
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read [Esc]  n. similarity or analogy; communication by the exchange of letters

Spelling Word: correspondence
read [Esc]  n. a retaliatory charge; a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser

Spelling Word: countercharge
read [Esc]  n. a man from your own country; a man who lives in the country and has country ways

Spelling Word: countryman
read [Esc]  n. person who carries a message

Spelling Word: courier
read [Esc]  n. gap; a long narrow opening

Spelling Word: crevice
read [Esc]  v. find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws

Spelling Word: criticize
read [Esc]  n. a warrior who engages in a holy war; a disputant who advocates reform

Spelling Word: crusader
read [Esc]  a. having hidden meaning; mystifying; using code or cipher

Spelling Word: cryptic
read [Esc]  v. pick out from others; weed out; remove rejected members or parts from

Spelling Word: cull
read [Esc]  n. a final climactic stage; the decisive moment in a novel or play; a concluding action

Spelling Word: culmination
read [Esc]  a. deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

Spelling Word: culpable
read [Esc]  n. a strong desire to know or learn something

Spelling Word: curiosity
read [Esc]  n. the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college; program

Spelling Word: curriculum
read [Esc]  n. process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline; falling off or away; decay

Spelling Word: decadence
read [Esc]  a. misleading, likely or attempting to deceive; fraudulent

Spelling Word: deceptive
read [Esc]  v. delay till later; put off; hold back to a later time

Spelling Word: defer
read [Esc]  a. morally blemished; stained or impure

Spelling Word: defiled
read [Esc]  n. clarity of outline; concise explanation

Spelling Word: definition
read [Esc]  n. person authorized to act as representative for another; deputy

Spelling Word: delegate
read [Esc]  n. a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping

Spelling Word: depository
read [Esc]  a. expressing low opinion; disparaging; belittling

Spelling Word: derogatory
read [Esc]  n. sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned; an event that results in total destruction; the state of being decayed or destroyed

Spelling Word: desolation
read [Esc]  a. offensive to the mind; unequivocally detestable

Spelling Word: detestable
read [Esc]  a. showing frivolous or superficial interest; amateurish

Spelling Word: dilettante
read [Esc]  a. assiduous; industrious; hard working

Spelling Word: diligent
read [Esc]  a. fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless; causing fear or dread or terror

Spelling Word: dire
read [Esc]  n. a piece of music of a mournful character, to accompany funeral rites; funeral hymn

Spelling Word: dirge
read [Esc]  a. extremely bad; terrible; dreadful

Spelling Word: disastrous
read [Esc]  n. follower; adherent; person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others

Spelling Word: disciple
read [Esc]  v. confuse; frustrate by throwing into disorder; embarrass

Spelling Word: disconcert
read [Esc]  ad. without respect; in a disdainful manner; in a proud and domineering manner

Spelling Word: disdainfully
read [Esc]  a. giving a false appearance of frankness; not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating

Spelling Word: disingenuous
read [Esc]  v. belittle; speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; reduce in esteem or rank

Spelling Word: disparage
read [Esc]  v. move away from each other; cause to separate; cause to become widely known

Spelling Word: disperse
read [Esc]  n. excellence or eminence; note or mark of difference

Spelling Word: distinction
read [Esc]  a. prominent; celebrated, well-known or eminent because of past achievements

Spelling Word: distinguished
read [Esc]  n. sum of money to be divided and distributed; share of a sum divided that falls to each individual; a distribute sum, share, or percentage

Spelling Word: dividend
read [Esc]  ad. with sadness; in a sorrowful manner

Spelling Word: dolefully
read [Esc]  a. major; most important, powerful, or influential; outweighing

Spelling Word: dominant
read [Esc]  n. a college or university building for student living; a large bedroom where several people sleep

Spelling Word: dormitory
read [Esc]  n. a series of actions that are done by the police in order to catch criminals

Spelling Word: dragnet
read [Esc]  n. seriousness; reality; fixed determination; eagerness; intentness

Spelling Word: earnest
read [Esc]  n. determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it

Spelling Word: echolocation
read [Esc]  n. intense joy or delight; any overpowering emotion

Spelling Word: ecstasy
read [Esc]  n. a person who believes in the equality of all people

Spelling Word: egalitarian
read [Esc]  v. supplement with great effort; add to; augment

Spelling Word: eke
read [Esc]  v. excite suddenly and intensely; charge a conductor with electricity; equip for use with electricity

Spelling Word: electrify
read [Esc]  v. completely remove or get rid of; abolish; rule out

Spelling Word: eliminate
read [Esc]  n. ban on commerce or other activity

Spelling Word: embargo
read [Esc]  n. elaboration by the use of decorative detail; ornamentation of fabric with needlework

Spelling Word: embroidery
read [Esc]  v. force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action

Spelling Word: embroil
read [Esc]  ad. without question and beyond doubt

Spelling Word: emphatically
read [Esc]  n. feeling of being bored by something tedious

Spelling Word: ennui
read [Esc]  a. very great in size, extent, number, or degrees; huge; massive

Spelling Word: enormous
read [Esc]  v. please intensely; fill with great delight or joy

Spelling Word: enrapture
read [Esc]  v. list each one; mention one by one

Spelling Word: enumerate
read [Esc]  v. speak distinctly; state or set forth precisely or systematically; pronounce; articulate

Spelling Word: enunciate
read [Esc]  n. the sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements

Spelling Word: equitation
read [Esc]  n. a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods

Spelling Word: era
read [Esc]  a. necessary; critical; vital; constituting or being part of the essence of something

Spelling Word: essential
read [Esc]  n. the respect with which a person is held; an approximate calculation of quantity; a judgment of the qualities

Spelling Word: estimation
read [Esc]  a. cut or impressed into a surface

Spelling Word: etched