By Pacific Lava

Print Customized PTE Vocabulary Flashcard

Some people used to study new words by flashcard. When they prepare PTE exam, they search on bookstore or Internet for PTE flashcard, but unfortunately the result is usually with disappointment. Because each student has own requirement and vocabulary level, it is difficult to get an existing set of PTE flashcard that happens to match with your situation.

If you cannot find satisfied PTE vocabulary flashcards, don't worry. Here you can customize own flashcard based on our PTE vocabulary resources, and print them on demand.

Let begin with the shortest list to show how to print PTE flashcard. Basically, you can print 2 types of flashcard: one side, the word and definition are in same side; and two sides, the word and definition are in separate side. If you want to print PTE word flashcards of current page, just click Print. For one side mode, every page has 10 words; for two sides mode, every page has 5 words. If you want to go to other pages, click Page, a overlay will popup to show all available pages, and then choose your page to print other flashcard.

As example we show 2 PTE flashcard links by fundamental PTE vocabulary of 500 for one side and two sides respectively.
AS a serious PTE test takers, you should challenge a real academic word list. We recommend PTE Academic Vocabulary, it's a word list of 2000 and meet with high score hunters. Of course, you certainly know some of them, just skip pages of these word, and print own PTE word flashcard. The whole words are divided into 7 small word list, we show links of one side flashcard for each group's first page. If you are trying to print two sides flashcard or words in other pages, just click related buttons.
Most of PTE test takers are ESL student. They hope native language knowledge to play a positive role in PTE vocabulary building. For example, if the PTE flashcards have explanations with native language, it helps much to save time and get clear definition of that word. At this website, 20 languages are available to let students to make PTE word flashcard with home language. As example, we show links of one side flashcard with Russian definitions there based on a middle level PTE academic vocabulary. All links are related to first page of their group, as long as you get there by links, you can change to your own language, or go to other pages. It's a handy way to print PTE flashcards that connects with explanation of home language.

These lists are examples of PTE flashcards with definitions of Russian: