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Shooting survivor David Hogg to Harvard with 1270 on SAT
Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, now is advocating for gun law reform, is going to Harvard after getting a reported 1270 on the SAT — it shows test scores aren't everything...
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Why Asian-Americans score so highly in SAT & ACT
When ACT released its latest test scores this October, the results showed that average scores took a dip for every racial group in the United States except one – Asian-Americans...
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SAT reclaims title of most widely used college admission test
The SAT reclaims it's the most widely used college admission test, according to data of Washington Post. Nearly 2 million students in the Class of 2018 took the SAT, compared with 1.91 million of the ACT. Counting international students, 2.1 million students took the SAT...
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SAT Takers Question If Test Was Leaked
Social media shows the August SAT test Was Leaked. The reports on Twitter say the August 2018 SAT was the same as the Leaked international October 2017 SAT...
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Thousands Want SAT Rescored After Lower-Than-Normal Results
Some students and parents in North Texas and across the country are disappointed over last month’s SAT grading system. They want SAT rescored after lower-than-normal results, but College Board, the company that administers the test said the June test was too easy so the company used a process called “equating” to ensure fair scores, saying the scores are accurate...
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Could free, in-school SAT option level the playing field?
The Long Beach Unified School District has begun offering the SAT for free during the school day since three years ago. Because for some families $60 registration and the full test fees is a challenge. The offer made the SAT-taking rate to nearly 100 percent. This is a fair chance for all high school students in the district. And now a Long Beach legislator wants make it to other California districts...
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Top high schools in Pennsylvania by SAT scores
The Pennsylvania Department of Education published the SAT test scores for public high schools statewide. Students at J.R. Masterman School had the highest SAT scores in the state, with a total mean score of 1366. They had a mean score of 679 in reading and 689 in math...
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Transform Your PSAT Score Into an SAT Game Plan
For these days, high school students are receiving their PSAT scores. As a high school, you should know: The redesigned PSAT adheres more closely to the revised SAT, and performance on the PSAT is an ideal starting point for SAT study endeavors. Only three steps can help you translate your PSAT results into an effective SAT review plan...
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Local SAT and ACT results are in
Recently, 2016-17 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) results for every public high school and school district were released by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction . Making the essay optional, thus lowering the maximum score from 2,400 back to 1,600 was the biggest change. Two other changes were the elimination of obscure vocabulary words and the removal of a penalty for guessing.Last year was the first year students took the revised test...
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College Connection: August SAT exam offers numerous benefits
This summer students will have a new chance to take the SAT exam. August 26th of the SAT exam is a replacement for the already canceled January SAT exam. College Board believes that this change brings about a lot of benefits to about two million students who take this test each year...
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Read to Ace the SAT, New Test Taking Tips
With the new version of SAT to enhance the dependence on reading, improve the SAT score is the primary strategy to increase the amount of reading. Reading not only improves vocabulary and reading comprehension, but also helps to improve writing, spelling, grammar and knowledge. And that is not money and can achieve this strategy as follows:...
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The 25 Essex County Schools with Best SAT Scores
High school students took SAT test as a key factor in determining college admission. Scores from 2016 SAT exam were released last month nationwide. In New Jersey, the average score was a 1,075 out of a maximum score of 1,600. It's just counted on reading and writing portion of the test. As for math, statewide, the average math score was 538 and Essex's students have a better performance....
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Improve SAT Scores Without Going Broke
Tutoring can change life’s trajectory. When you are looking for answer, good tutor is the right key. Patricia Terry is said to be such a tutor. Last year, a senior at Detroit’s Cass Technical High School approached Terry. He wanted to increase his SAT score by at least 100 in order to apply for scholarship...
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Everyone Knew You Can Game the SAT Test
SAT is supposed to be as US college entrance exam and reflects the student's overall academic skill. However, Everyone knew that its score is more likely a indicator of how many hours spending on SAT study or practice rather than the generic academic prowess...
2017-05-12  More in source
Everyone Knew You SAT Test
SAT is supposed to be as US college entrance exam and reflects the student's overall academic skill. However, Everyone knew that its score is more likely a indicator of how many hours spending on SAT study or practice rather than the generic academic prowess...
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The N.J. High Schools With Best SAT Scores
New Jersey's public high schools get a very high SAT score last year. In average, they get 1,075 out of 1,600. However, lots of schools posted significantly more impressive scores: there are 19 high schools higher than 1,300, and 5 above 1,400.
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Oregon Students Outpace National Average
Guess who is better in changed SAT exam? Oregon’s scores continue to outpace the national average. The context for scores is complicated: for Oregon, reading scores are the same as before, while math and writing dipped slightly.
2016-09-05  More in source
Tutors See Stereotypes and Gender Bias in SAT
The concerns are fuelling a debate on Facebook and in private emails. They start to argue whether the test items were sufficiently vetted for gender bias, or say the exam was fair to female students.
2016-07-05  More in source
I Took The SAT Here Is What I Learned
I wanted to understand what the test was like, so I took the math test with my daughter–three times. On three successive weekends, we each took one of the practice tests...
2016-06-05  More in source
Free SAT plan will help RI students
The plan to provide free, in-school SAT testing in Governor Raimondo's 2017 budget opens a new door for students to go to college.
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U.S. Need to Crack Down on SAT Cheats Overseas
SAT cheats is becoming a homeland security issue of USA. A congressman called on departments of Washington to address whether foreign students are getting into American with illegally qualify for U.S. visas by fake SAT scores.
2016-04-29  More in source
Khan Academy College Board create an SAT practice program
In describing the new collaboration with the Khan, College Board leaders predicted that it would “level the playing field” by providing all youngsters, regardless of income, access to the type of high-quality prep that affluent families buy from private companies and tutors.
2016-04-26  More in source
Five SAT exams available online for more than a year
Reuters reported last month that the College Board, the owner of SAT test, had often reused SATs overseas after first giving the test in America, and sometimes recycled exams in USA too. At least five times in the past three years, school students were administered tests that included questions and answers widely available online.
2016-04-25  More in source
Asian test-prep companies exposed the brand-new SAT
In Asia, test-preparation companies were eager for information. Any details about what was on the new SAT might be invaluable to their clients. That’s especially true because for years, the College Board routinely has reused SAT tests overseas after first administering them in America.
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