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 By Kurzhuba Chen

SAT Reading Test

In SAT reading test, there is only one question type: multiple-choice. The test takers should work on five passages; each is about 500-700 words. Totally 52 questions should be finished in 65 minutes.

Passage-based reading Reading passages fits the general high school students and are taken from different fields, including:

  • Natural sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Literary fiction
Theoretically, reading passages can be any English materials from various sources. Some attributes are as follows:
  • Have narrative, argumentative, or expository elements;
  • Possibly paired with other related passages.
Commonly your job is to:
  • Decide the meanings of words from the context
  • Show understanding of part or full passages, such as the main idea
  • Identify cause and effect in passages
  • Make inferences among full context
  • Understand the logic of analogies or arguments
  • Analyze the author's assumptions and techniques
The questions test the abilities of students about:
  • Knowledge of making sentences, namely grammar and logic;
  • Knowledge of the meanings of words, namely vocabulary.