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Read [Esc] (1) n. a person guided and protected by a more prominent person

Spelling Word: protege
Read [Esc] (2) n. number of members necessary to conduct a meeting; a select group

Spelling Word: quorum
Read [Esc] (3) v. approve formally; confirm; verify

Spelling Word: ratify
Read [Esc] (4) v. go backwards;  decline to inferior state; degenerate

Spelling Word: retrograde
Read [Esc] (5) a. looking back on, or directed to the past; applying to or influencing the past

Spelling Word: retrospective
Read [Esc] (6) a. acting or speaking very disrespectfully toward what is held to be sacred; violating sacred things; profane

Spelling Word: sacrilegious
Read [Esc] (7) n. one that is dishonest or troublemaker, especially an impish youngster

Spelling Word: scamp
Read [Esc] (8) n. skillful performance or ability in using hands; dexterity

Spelling Word: sleight
Read [Esc] (9) v. be placed in or take the room of; replace; make obsolete; make void or useless by superior power

Spelling Word: supersede
Read [Esc] (10) n. act of sustaining; something, especially food, that sustains life or health

Spelling Word: sustenance