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/ə'bændən/ n. Syn. relinquish
(त्याग) lacking restraint or control; feeling of extreme emotional intensity; unbounded enthusiasm
With her parents out of town, Kelly danced all night with abandon.
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/ə'bæʃ/ v. Syn. embarrass
(लज्जित करना) embarrass; make ashamed or uneasy; disconcert
Her open admiration should not abash him at all.
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/'æbdɪkeɪt/ v. Syn. renounce
(बच) give up, renounce, abandon, lay down, or withdraw from, as a right or claim
When Edward VIII did abdicate the British throne to marry the woman he loved, he surprised the entire world.
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/ə'bɛt/ v. Syn. encourage
(abet) aid, usually in doing something wrong; encourage
She was unwilling to abet him in the swindle he had planned.
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/ə'brɪdʒ/ v. Syn. condense; shorten
(संक्षेपण) condense; shorten; reduce length of written text
Because the publishers felt the public wanted a shorter version of War and Peace, they proceeded to abridge the novel.
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/'æbroʊgeɪt/ a. Syn. abolish
(रद्द) abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority
He intended to abrogate the decree issued by his predecessor.
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/æb'sti:mɪəs/ a. Syn. temperate
(संयमी) sparing or moderation in eating and drinking; temperate
Concerned whether her vegetarian son's abstemious diet provided him with sufficient protein, the worried mother pressed food on him.
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/ækə'dɛmɪk/ a. Syn. scholarly; collegiate; theoretical
(शैक्षणिक) related to school; not practical or directly useful; relating to scholarly organization; based on formal education
The dean's talk about reforming the college admissions system was only an academic discussion.
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/æk'si:d/ v. Syn. agree; assent; concede
(मान लेना) agree; give consent, often at insistence of another; concede
The idea that one of the two chief executives should eventually accede to the role, as has happened in the past, would raise fresh doubts about the board's independence.
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/ək'sɛləreɪt/ v. Syn. speed; hasten
(तेजी लाने) move faster; cause to develop or progress more quickly; occur sooner than expected
Demand for Taiwanese goods likely will accelerate from the second quarter, as strong Asian demand offsets the effects of a U.S. slowdown.
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/'ækəleɪd/ n. Syn. praise
(accolade) award of merit; expression of approval; praise
In Hollywood, an "Oscar" is the highest accolade.
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/ə'kɔ:d/ n. Syn. agreement; treaty
(समझौते) settlement or compromise of conflicting opinions; written agreement between two states
Although the accord is a small step forward, politicians around the world have their work cut out for them.
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/ækrɪ'moʊnɪəs/ a. Syn. rancorous
(उग्र) bitter and sharp in language, tone, or manner
The candidate attacked his opponent in highly acrimonious terms.
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/'ækjʊmɛn, ə'kju:mɛn/ n. Syn. acuteness; insight
(कुशाग्र बुद्धि) mental keenness; quickness of perception
However, her team's political acumen is clearly beyond mine, an Ivy League Medical Science Professor and NOT a Political "Science" Professor.
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/əd'mɒnɪʃ/ v. Syn. warn; reprove
(धिक्कारना) warn; counsel someone against something to be avoided
I would again admonish the reader carefully to consider the nature of our doctrine.
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/ædmɒ'nɪʃ(ə)n/ n. Syn. warning
(चेतावनी) gentle or friendly reproof; cautionary advice or warning
The article concludes with an admonition from a psychologist
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/'ædvəsərɪ/ n. Syn. opponent; contestant
(विरोधी) opponent in contest; someone who offers opposition
The young wrestler struggled to defeat his adversary.
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/'ædvɜrs/ a. Syn. unfavorable; hostile
(प्रतिकूल) in opposing direction; harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose
The recession had a highly adverse effect on father's investment portfolio: he lost so much money that he could no longer afford the house.
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/əd'vɜrsɪtɪ/ n. Syn. poverty; misfortune
(विपत्ति) state of misfortune, hardship, or affliction; misfortune
A young boy who's strength in adversity is an inspiration to all who know him.
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/i:s'θɛtɪk/ a. Syn. artistic; elegant
(सौंदर्य) elegant or tasteful; of or concerning appreciation of beauty or good taste
Kenneth Cole, the American designer known for his modern, urban aesthetic, is hawking $35 T-shirts.
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