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/'æfəb(ə)l/ a.
(मिलनसार) easily approachable; warmly friendly
Accustomed to cold, aloof supervisors, Nicholas was amazed at how affable his new employer was.
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/'æflʊənt/ a.
(संपन्न) having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value
They want the same opportunity to pursue their dreams as everyone else who lives in affluent school districts.
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/'əgrɛsɪv/ a.
(आक्रामक) making assaults; unjustly attacking; combative; hostile; tending to spread quickly
During his tenure in Beijing, Huntsman was known as an aggressive advocate for human rights and pushed to expand U.S. economic ties with China.
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/ə'lækrɪtɪ/ n.
(तत्परता) cheerful promptness or willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness
Phil and Dave were raring to get off to the mountains; they packed up their ski gear and climbed into the van with alacrity.
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/'eɪlɪəneɪt/ v. Syn. estrange; transfer; separate
(विमुख) cause to become unfriendly or hostile; transfer property or ownership; isolate or dissociate emotionally
We could not see what should again alienate us from one another, or how one brother could again oppress another.
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/ə'leɪ/ v. Syn. calm; pacify; relieve
(दूर) calm; pacify; reduce the intensity of; relieve
The crew tried to allay the fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.
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/ə'lu:d/ v. Syn. imply; refer
(संकेत करना) refer casually or indirectly, or by suggestion
Try not to mention divorce in Jack's presence because he will think you allude to his marital problems with Jill.
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/ə'ljʊə(r)/ v. Syn. entice; attract
(आकर्षण) attract with something desirable; be highly, often subtly attractive
Promises of quick profits allure the unwary investor.
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/ə'lu:ʒ(ə)n/ n. Syn. metaphor
(संकेत) indirect reference; symbolical reference or comparison; metaphor
Without naming names, the candidate criticized the national leaders by allusion.
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/æm'bɪgjʊəs/ a.
(अस्पष्ट) unclear or doubtful in meaning
His ambiguous instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take.
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/ə'mi:nəb(ə)l/ a. Syn. responsible; accountable
(उत्तरदायी) responsive to advice or suggestion; responsible to higher authority; willing to comply with; agreeable
He was amenable to any suggestions that came from those he looked up to.
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/'eɪmɪəb(ə)l/ a. Syn. agreeable; lovable
(मिलनसार) good-natured and likable; lovable; warmly friendly
In Little Women, Beth is the amiable daughter whose loving disposition endears her to all who know her.
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/ə'næləgəs/ a. Syn. comparable
(अनुरूप) comparable; similar or alike
She called our attention to the things that had been done in an analogous situation and recommended that we do the same.
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/ə'nælədʒɪ/ n. Syn. similarity; parallelism
(सादृश्य) similarity in some respects; comparison based on similarity
This analogy is almost always noted without further comment, although in fact it may be taken further.
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/'ænəkɪ/ n. Syn. lawlessness; disorder
(अराजकता) absence of governing body; state of disorder; political disorder and confusion
One might say that eastern Congo is already in anarchy, but Congo has faded from the headlines in recent months.
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/'ænɪməs/ n. Syn. enmity; disposition
(विरोध) feeling of enmity or ill will; attitude that informs one's actions; disposition
The animus of the speaker became obvious to all when he began to indulge in sarcastic and insulting remarks.
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/'æn(ə)lz/ n. Syn. records; history
(इतिहास) chronological record of the events of successive years
In the annals of this period, we find no mention of democratic movements.
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/ə'nɒnɪməs/ a. Syn. unknown; nameless
(अनामक) having no name; having unknown or unacknowledged name
The buyer, who wished to remain anonymous, is a foreigner with homes in Europe.
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/æn'θɒlədʒɪ/ n. Syn. collection
(संकलन) book of literary selections by various authors
This anthology of science fiction was compiled by the late Isaac Asimov.
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/æn'tɪθəsɪs/ n. Syn. contrast
(प्रतिपक्षता) contrast; direct contrast; opposition
This tyranny was the antithesis of all that he had hoped for, and he fought it with all his strength.
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