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/bɒm'bæstɪk/ a. Syn. pompous
(आडंबरपूर्ण) pompous; using inflated language; high-sounding but with little meaning
The biggest military power on Earth was acting belligerent and its president was indulging in bombastic nationalistic grandstanding.
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/'bʊərɪʃ/ a. Syn. rude; clumsy; illiterate
(अशिष्ट) rude and clumsy in behavior; ungentlemanly; awkward in manners
Natasha was embarrassed by her fellow spy's boorish behavior.
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/bju:'kɒlɪk/ a. Syn. rustic; pastoral
(ग्राम्य) rustic; pastoral; agricultural; relating to country affairs, or to shepherd's life and occupation
Filled with browsing cows and bleating sheep, the meadow was a charmingly bucolic sight.
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/bʌ'fu:n/ n.
(विदूषक) one who makes a practice of amusing others by low tricks, antic gestures; droll; mimic; clown
This buffoon is the most self-centered idiot I have ever seen or heard.
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/'bʊlwək/ n.
(बांध) earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends
The navy is our principal bulwark against invasion.
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/'bʌmpʃəs/ a.
(ख़ुद - एतमाद) offensively self-assertive; liable to give or take offense; forward; pushing
His classmates called him a show-off because of his bumptious airs.
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/kə'bæl/ n.
(साज़िश) small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
The number of Republicans who support this man and his cabal is astonishing, but nothing will change the minds of that percentage.
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/kə'kɒfənəs/ a. Syn. discordant; inharmonious
(cacophonous) discordant; inharmonious; sounding harshly; ill-sounding
Do the students in the orchestra enjoy the cacophonous sounds they make when they're tuning up? I don't know how they can stand the racket.
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