Nowadays, celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than their achievements, which has set a bad example for young people. Do you agree or disagree?

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Nowadays, celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than their achievements, which has set a bad example for young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
It's an open question. You can choose to agree, partially agree, or disagree. However, it's the mainstream choice to agree with the view. In the essay, you cannot miss the topics of glamour, wealth, and achievement.

  • Some celebrities in media or the web are not due to achievements.
  • Some celebrities show wealth to appeal to the eyes and make money.
  • Some celebrities don't have real glamour, disguise themselves, and cheat others.
  • Celebrities' effects mislead youth to repeat their stories to get shortcuts and easy money.
  • Most celebrities don't break laws; they are successful people.
  • The achievements of celebrities surpass average people, and their stories can positively encourage youth.
  • Some celebrities make easy money, but some also give feedback or donate to society.
Answer 1
Celebrities are the most influential people around. They are very commonly associated with the faces of a nation...

Young children and teenagers can be easily influenced into doing anything. When celebrities are glorified for their beauty, it creates unrealistic body standards in this growing population's minds, which often causes youngsters to starve themselves...

The need to show off wealth to achieve fame has pushed some to use the wrong means to earn money. Internet scams have reached an ever-increasing high...

Celebrities becoming more famous for their glamour and wealth than their achievements has set a bad example for young people...
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Answer 2
Celebrities' behavior and influence on youngsters have increasingly become contemporary society's focus...

Those who argue that current mass media and sports star behavior is inappropriate and could have adverse ramifications on modern teens often point to countless entertainment stories from their lives...

Nevertheless, modern celebrities could be a positive role model for the current generation by advertising a healthy lifestyle and illustrating their effort and willpower in achieving targets despite the above negative details...

In conclusion, despite some negative impacts of certain celebrities on youngsters' minds, most inspire youngsters to achieve their goals and get rid of poverty and drugs...
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Answer 3
It is acknowledged that celebrities play an important role in our society, and accordingly, they affect a large slice of people, especially young people...

It is hardly surprising that the leading cause of the spread of existing celebrities is the spread of social media accounts...

In contrast, some celebrities have no achievements that influence society, but they get publicity from their luxury lifestyle and glamour...

In conclusion, celebrities have to realize the size of responsibility on their shoulders and make an excellent and effective impact on motivating young people to improve their qualifications and lives...
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