It is believed that secondary school children should study international news as one of their school subjects. Others think that this is a waste of valuable school time.

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It is believed that secondary school children should study international news as one of their school subjects. Others think that this is a waste of valuable school time. Discuss both views and give your opinions.
Answer Hints:
This is an open question. Before you choose either side, you should present the views of both sides equally.

Support to international news
  • Build an open attitude for students in the globalization trend.
  • International news can let students understand the world.
  • International news is a good source for critical thinking training.
  • International news can cause interest in learning related subjects, e.g. English.
Object to international news
  • International news isn't an academic subject, contents update very fast. It's not proper for secondary school children.
  • Students' timeframe in school is very tight.
  • International news does not matter to most students.
Answer 1
In this globalizing world, some people think that international issues should be taught in high schools, while others believe it would not be worth the time for children to study such a subject...

On the one hand, the proponents of mandatory education in international news may claim that students can improve their intellectual skills as they complete this course...

While learning about global issues can benefit students, the benefits are at the expense of other subjects...

Finally, I think high schools should offer education on global issues as a part of academic subjects rather than establishing a new subject...

In summary, while learning international issues at school can advance children's knowledge and skills, their academic success may be adversely affected...
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Answer 2
Undoubtedly, international news should be included as a subject for secondary school students. While some people believe that subjects like these are a waste of time, others argue that international news will make students aware of global activities...

Nowadays, great emphasis is given to the school curriculums. Subjects are included with a motive to help students enhance their career growth...

On the other hand, students and parents might find this subject a waste of time as international news concepts won't help students solve complex math problems...

I believe international news should be a part of the secondary children's school curriculum. Even though it might not be of technical advantage, it will build a strong understanding of the country's global trade...
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