Fast food is becoming one part of life everywhere, this has bad effects on our lifestyles and diets. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Fast food is becoming a part of life everywhere, negatively affecting our lifestyles and diets. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
You can choose either side to answer the question. But if you agree with the statement. It would be relatively easy to write. In your essay, you must mention the effects on lifestyle and diet.

  • Impact health in the view of nutrition.
  • Cooking culture is hard to pass on to youth.
  • Family dinners or parties will be easier but with less interaction.
  • Local food is going out.
  • Fast food causes environmental issues somewhere.
  • Enjoy the diverse tastes of the world easily and cheaply.
  • Help people adapt to fast-paced life with low prices.
  • Save much time for work, study, and leisure activities.
  • Develop new businesses, industries, and even new cultures to enrich the world.
Answer 1
Over the years, people's lifestyles and diet habits have evolved due to the lack of time. It makes people depend on fast food, which deliriously affects their lives...

Even though these convenient foods are quick and easy to handle, they negatively affect our diet. Firstly, they lack nutrition...

Furthermore, eating fast foods also has severe effects on our lifestyle. They affect the family cohesiveness...

Last, convenient foods change our society rather than just eating. The environment is one of them...

In conclusion, convenient foods have relieved us from the hassle of cooking. However, consumption of these foods every day will have severe harmful impacts, such as unhealthy food, a lack of family atmosphere, environmental costs, and more...
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Answer 2
With the advent of globalization, modern people have begun to consume a large proportion of junk food, which has positive and negative effects...

Proponents of fast food often point to the countless benefits of this current trend. Many nowadays take advantage of using fast-food products as the primary means of eating, which allows them to save time and energy for their life and work activities...

Nevertheless, despite some valuable arguments mentioned above, consuming tremendous amounts of fast foods daily impacts our surroundings and health...

In conclusion, despite some tangible benefits of fast food, such as a time and money economy, it simultaneously devastates natural resources and health...
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