People are using computers and electric devices to access information; therefore, there is no need for printed books, magazines, and newspapers.

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More and more people are using computers and electric devices to access information, therefore there is no need for printed books, magazines, and newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
You can choose either side to answer the question. If supported, explain why paper books, newspapers, and magazines are not required. If opposed, explain why it is needed. Your discussion had better cover books, magazines, and newspapers, and also are limited in them.

Support points
  • Everyone has a mobile phone.
  • A lot of information is available on the Internet.
  • No paper is needed from an economic view.
  • Save money and be environment friendly.
  • Get information faster.
Oppose points
  • Older people have difficulty using digital media.
  • Reading books is a lifestyle or leisure, but not to get information.
  • Paper materials are good for reading and noting repeatedly.
Answer 1
The precedence of technology in the modern world, a hotly debatable topic, has now become more controversial. While the folks claim that information technology is transmitting all knowledge available in digital formats, in my opinion, I firmly believe that there is still a need for physical and printed books despite ...
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The below version has fixed some obvious lexical and grammatical defects. The band is by the revised version, but comments are based on the original version.
Task Response:
-Ideas relating to each sector mentioned in the prompt are presented, but there is not much development of some, e.g., the topic is easy to give an example to prove your view.
Coherence and Cohesion:
-There is clear overall progression, with your opinion presented at the end.
Lexical Resources:
-Vocabulary is the strongest aspect of the response.
Grammar Range and Accuracy:
-A variety of complex structures is used with some flexibility and accuracy.