Some people like to spend their leisure time with their colleagues, while others prefer to keep their private lives separate from their work. Is it a good thing?

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Some people like to spend their leisure time with their colleagues, while others prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life. Is it a good thing to spend leisure time with a colleague?
Answer Hints:
It's an open topic. You can choose either side to write the essay.

  • Co-workers are part of society; there is no reason to exclude them from socializing.
  • Co-workers are easy to interact with or understand each other.
  • Co-workers have similar backgrounds and common topics.
  • Co-worker friends also help jobs and careers.
  • People are busy and have no time to make friends outside of the workplace.
  • Cannot divide work and life clearly. Bring tasks to home and leisure time.
  • Decrease diversity of hobbies, interests, and life.
  • Co-worker friendships may impact your job or career unfitly.
Answer 1
Some people prefer their social life to be separated from their work life, while others think that both can be in the same circle...

People who believe that friends should be made from outside of work want to have a part of life and have more privacy...

However, some people think their job provides both income and social life to them. I assume that they work in a more busy environment, such as restaurants and hospitals, which lacks flexibility...

In my opinion, I prefer having my social life outside of my workplace because I think this part of my life deserves to be private...
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Answer 2
This age is considered to be tough when it comes to finding some refreshing hours and spending time with precious ones...

Admittedly, one can't be blamed if it's not possible to go on excursions with relatives as immense work pressure doesn't allow them...

However, some might feel that office time with colleagues is entirely different from sharing spare time with them, and it is a chance to transfer views on various issues separate from work...

Overall, it seems that while one can achieve a mutual comfort level with an office fellow through repetitive spare time-sharing, the lack of private hours is a drawback...
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Answer 3
In the present scenario, a number of people like to do parties and hang out with their colleagues during their free time...

Undoubtedly, it is tough for the individual to separate personal and professional life because they are spending much time with teammates...

Admittedly, if a person has excellent bonding with their colleagues, they can do help their coworker in a problematic situation...

By contrast, some people believe that they should not mix the two aspects of life because they think that it is crucial for maintaining professionalism at work...

To conclude, there is no doubt spending free time with their colleagues is more worthwhile for coworkers than the separation...
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