Many cities replace farmlands and parks with houses. Is it positive or negative?

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Many cities replace farmlands and parks with houses. Is it positive or negative?
Answer Hints:
This is a pros and cons topic. In most cases, this type is in a juxtaposed structure, you should try not to elaborate separately. However, for this farmlands/parks topic, separating them is also an option to answer.

  • Solve housing problems of large cities.
  • Helps to develop economics in urban.
  • Offer more chances for low-income people.
  • Degrade the environmental quality of cities.
  • Impact people's living negatively in cities, e.g., crowed.
  • Enlarge the differences between urban and countryside.
Answer 1
To handle the growing demand for housing, mayors of many cities are changing farmlands and parks for establishing residential areas. However, I think we may accept moving farmlands to suburban but giving up parks in town is detrimental.
This development has some positive effects. With the sea of people flooding into ...
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Band: 7
The below version has fixed some obvious lexical and grammatical defects. The band is by the revised version, but comments are based on the original version.
Task Response:
-The main ideas are extended and supported; the response is ok. Separate farmlands and parks isn't a common way to answer the "positive/negative" questions; but for this topic, it's a practical option.
Coherence and Cohesion:
-Ideas are generally arranged coherently, and there is a clear overall progression.
Lexical Resources:
-The lexical resource is sufficient to allow some flexibility and precision, and although there are a few choice errors.
Grammar Range and Accuracy:
-A variety of complex structures is used with some flexibility and accuracy. Grammar and punctuation are well controlled.