In more and more countries, people choose to give money on special occasions rather than personally giving gifts. Why might this be the case? Positive or negative?

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In more and more countries, people give money on special occasions rather than personally giving gifts. Why might this be the case? Is it a positive or negative development?
Answer Hints:
You need to answer two parts: the cause and your opinion - negative or positive. Either side is ok to choose.

  • Lack of understanding of the giftee, avoid offending the giftee.
  • Money is easy for the giftee to use; it's accepted in most cases.
  • Save time searching for fittable gifts.
  • Don't disclose the giver's information and preference.
  • Leaving the nature of the gift, giving money cannot pass particular feelings, like friendship or congrats.
  • A financial gift is easy for the giftee to consume; it possibly becomes a tool for corruption.
  • Avoid misunderstanding and misleading between the two sides for a particular present item.
  • Save time choosing and preparing gifts.
  • The giftee can easily enjoy the gift, the gift value won't be wasted.
Answer 1
Initially, a gift isn't simply money. But currently, financial gifts have become more appreciated than various items...

The reasons behind the tendency to present money are likely to be its universality as a gift and easiness of preparation...

Some think money isn't a real gift that should reflect more meanings, such as love, care, or friendship...

To conclude, giving money as a gift has become more popular now. I am sure that in such a way, some people may lessen the risk of providing an unfit gift, and giftees may be generally more thankful because money is higher in value and more flexible to handle...
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