What is the most important element of a perfect society in the modern world? How can people work towards achieving an ideal society?

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What is the most important element of a perfect society in the modern world? How can people work towards achieving an ideal society?
Answer Hints:
This is a direct question whose answer is open. But, your answer had better be accepted as widely as possible and follow the judge of political correctness. For example, you can choose "honest people" or "honesty."

Why - honesty
  • A society or community consists of people.
  • Communication among people is the base for shaping society.
  • No honesty, no valuable communication, no trust.
  • A good society should shrink the room of cheaters and fakers.
How - build an honest society
  • Education in school to raise an honest generation.
  • Governments disclose cheaters and cheating cases by strict rules.
  • People monitor public figures' not faithful behaviors and cancel them.
Answer 1
The modern world is bringing society diversity so that, in the minds of everyone, the perfect society is different...

The ideal habitat truly depends on the inhabitants because they are the core of society. They may not agree with each other in values or lifestyle...

To get an honest society, governments must do many tasks. The first one is education. All schools should punish cheating and let children know that cheating is a dishonor at their age...

I believe honesty is the most important element in a perfect society. It is the foundation of communication, help, and loyalty among people...
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