Although countries with long average working hours are economically successful, this often has some negative social consequences. Do you agree or disagree?

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Although countries with long average working hours are economically successful, this often has some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
You must agree with the statement because it's written in textbooks. If you take the reverse view, you will not only show a lack of common sense but offend political correctness in some readers' minds. It's no help to get a good score.

  • Impact employee physical and mental health.
  • No time for community and family activities causes low-quality living, later marriage, and fewer children.
  • High turnover rates and burnout can reduce efficiency and creativity, which isn't the way to succeed.
  • No reason to support long average working hours.
Answer 1
I agree with the statement. The economy is essential to society's development, but not the unique target...

The first is individual health issues. Extended working hours can lead to physical and mental health problems...

Long working hours can also hurt social cohesion. When individuals spend most of their waking hours at work, they have less time for civic engagement, community activities, and social interactions...

Last, studies have shown that excessively long work hours may not necessarily increase productivity...

While economic success can provide resources and opportunities, it does not guarantee a positive social environment...
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