Some people think the government should provide free housing, while others believe it is not the government's responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Some people think the government should provide free housing, while others believe it is not the government’s responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Answer Hints:
It seems to be a usual question that needs you to present the views of two sides as equally as possible. But you have to be cautious when giving your opinion. It's a sort of IQ test because no Western government plans to provide free housing widely. The IELTS score is useless for those who favor free housing because Utopentism countries don't accept IELTS or any English exams.

Support free housing
  • Shelter is a fundamental human right, and is essential for a person's well-being and dignity.
  • Free housing helps social stability, like homelessness, mental health, and crime.
  • Free housing addresses poverty and reduces overall societal inequality.
Oppose free housing
  • Significant financial burden for the whole society. No successful case for offering free housing to all people.
  • Free housing will stifle personal motivation and responsibility, and slow social development.
  • Any partial covering solution is unfair to the families out of the plan.
  • Alternative solutions, like affordable housing, can help weak-class housing.
Answer 1
Whether the government should provide free housing is a complex and debated topic. Different people and societies may have varying perspectives on this issue. I think this is a daydream of the Utopentist. No government did or can do this, even in the Novel 1984, because the people finance all governments; how can the ...
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The below version has fixed some obvious lexical and grammatical defects. The band is by the revised version, but comments are based on the original version.
Task Response:
-Ideas are usually expressed fully. The 'daydream of the Utopentist' and '1984' are good points for your view, but real examples are more persuasive.
Coherence and Cohesion:
-A range of cohesive devices is used flexibly, while each paragraph has a clear central topic that is developed.
Lexical Resources:
-The lexical resource is sufficient to allow some flexibility and precision, and although there are a few choice errors.
Grammar Range and Accuracy:
-There is a variety of complex structures with frequent error-free sentences and good control over grammar and punctuation.